No Cooling at 101 degrees Outside

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In this video I visit a customer who had no cooling. I found the evaporator to be completely iced up. #hvac #hvaclife #hvactechnician #hvacguy #hvactech #fieldpiece #milwaukeetools #rheem #hvacinstall #hvacrepair #acrepair

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Daniel Kelley says:

Nice video Curtis. I’m hooked on the channel. Check the outside garbage can for the real filter. You’ll probably get your answer, unless it’s trash day

Phillip Joy says:

It would have been nice if you could have cleaned that condenser coil.GREAT VIDEOS 😜

t lech says:

Was seven kids in the house you could imagine how much dirt and dust comes in with those seven kids and that is created

John Slesinger says:

I'm not an expert but enjoy your videos. I would like to see better explanations as to whats going on. Like what is happening and why. I take it that in this case a dirty filter caused the ice up?

Josh Mason says:

a Georgia boy eh? i respect that

Robert Lovelace says:

Regardless of customer declining to pay for further repairs I would have at least addressed the electrical lines, wouldn’t take much to place a NM/SE clamp. High head pressure like that isn’t good, won’t be long for catastrophic failure of unit.

devildog says:

WOW unbelievable! De-iced a coil and then blamed the customer. Why do you have 500+ head pressure? Didn't even try to fix the problem. Then let's flood the unit and get the insulation soaked. Definitely won't be any mold growing. Good job Hack!

Keep’n it kool says:

I’m glad to see you switched to Milwaukee 😎

Vince Molinarolo says:

I would have washed the condenser coil also….

toshi無法, ブライアン , says:

ya i have a timer on my stat that reminds me to replace my filter for my a/c every 30 days tho I tend to be replacing it about 15 days as we have pets and live in a very duesty evearment

Crypto King says:

I would have charged the customer for a acid cleaning of the evaporator coil and if she declines then she has a high probability of further issues that could not be covered through the home warranty due to negligence of maintenance since it is the customers responsibility to properly maintain there hvac system.
Always use the analogy of a car if you don’t change the oil on your car and you blow the motor the dealership isn’t going to cover anything under warranty.

JPH says:

What size ton is that thing? Looks way too big for that small house.

Mike Dillon says:

Really good job. It's nice to see a professional !

Kevin hansen says:

It would seem a low side pressure switch or a air flow sensor would at least give it a chance to thaw out. auto reset, off pressure at the below 32f point and close at some higher temprature (pressure)

power wire is a wreck wating to happen

Sean Baker says:

I occasionally wish I had a package unit. My friend recently got his replaced for $3,500. I think that's a darn good price. I assume it's that reasonable due to it being all in one.

Bloodmetal998 says:

No diagnosis on what the actual problem is? It's easy to de ice and say it was a clogged filter and accuse the customer of changing the filter before you get there. If you're going to film what you're doing, you should think about doing a good job.

Hvac is life says:

I always just turn heat on and run it/ yeah the water hose is way faster but makes the unit rust out

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