No Cooling ? This Never Should’ve Worked!

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In this video I visit a hair salon I’m now taking care of. I found that the drain never had a p-trap. @Fieldpiece Products @Milwaukee Tool #hvac #hvacguy #hvaclife #hvacinstall #airconditioner @Sealed Unit Parts Co. @hilmor tools @Veto ProPac #acrepair #drain #hvacinstall #acrepair #heatpump

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Here are links to the tools I use, And it costs you nothing extra to buy from this list:

Inficon D-Tek Stratus:
Fielpiece SC680 Clamp Meter:
Fieldpiece SC480 Clamp Meter:
Fieldpiece SMAN 480 Digital Manifold:
Fildpiece SVG3 Vacuum Gauge:
Fieldpiece DR58 Leak Detector:
Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Bluetooth Manometer set:
Fieldpiece Blutooth Scale:
Fieldpiece SDMN6 Manometer:
Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine:
Fieldpiece 8CFM VP87 Vacuum Pump:
Yellow Jacket Tubing Expander:
Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver:
Makita XDT16:
Makita 18V Light:
Makita Wet/Dry Vacuum :
Makita 18V Battery Mounts in Van :
Makita Jobsite Radio:
DIY Vacuum Attachment for drains:
Fieldpiece Smart Probe Kit :
Klein Heavy Duty Wire Strippers :
Klein Needle Nose Crimpers/Stippers:
Klein Knee Pad:
Klein 7in1 Flip Socket:
Klein Journeyman Pliers:
Milwaukee Slim Packout On My Torch:
Aluminum Packout Wall Mount on torches :
Milwaukee Tool Box:
Veto Pro Pac Tech MCT:
Milwaukee Hook Blade Knife:
Testo 300 flue gas analyzer:
Western Nitrogen Regulator:
Klein Canvas Bucket:
Flag Velcro Patch Kit:
Supco Magnetic Door Switch Holder:
Milwaukee Magnetic Light:
Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamp:
SS2 Float Switch:
3-Amp Breaker:
Appion Valve Core Removal Tool:
Appion G5 Twin Recovery Machine:
Yellow Jacket Large Tubing Bender:
Similar Small Tubing Bender:
Fluke Twist Guard Test Leads:
Fluke 975 Air Meter:
Honeywell T-4, 2-Heat, 1-Cool Programmable Thermostat:
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm:
SolderWeld Flame Resistant Magnetic Blanket:
Malco 1/4 – 5/16 flip bit :
Quick Check Acid Test:
Aims Power Inverter:
Wiha Torqe Screwdriver :
Wiha Torqe Screwdriver 1/4” adapter:
American Flag Gator :
Compressor Tote:
Inspection Mirror:
Wiha TorqueVario-S 10-50 in/lb Torque Screwdriver :
1/4” adapter for Wiha Torque Screwdriver :

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Crucial Speaks says:

Glad you stuck with the intro… best on you tube IMO.

Michael Gonzales says:

It amazes me how often a simple trap always gets overlooked at during installations … seen even experienced installers never even bother doing it correct from the start. GREAT Job as always Curtis!!! BTW seems that the Subcool n superheat are about the same from last time you were there.

jdretiree says:

There was definitely a Black Widow hiding in amongst those webs.😁

jynnandtonnyx says:

How the heck is your truck so much cleaner than mine …….

BR549 says:

Curtis trouble shoots at the hair saloon.

zafeli says:

It’s a piston

karel lodewijks says:


Billy says:

Hair salons get that nasty gelatin gunk in the condensation lines from hair spray

W.H.P. says:

I want to be like Curtis, when I grow up…even though I’m a 64 year old plumbing contractor, with 42 years of experience. And have been in business since 1994. I don’t do cooling and heating. Thank you for your your time posting your content!

tommy gullett says:

That goup that came out looks like a dryer vent lint.

neilvester victor says:

By any chance you could of place the trap next to ahu just asking

Evester says:

Why didnt you add a p trap inside at the airhandler? Didn't know you could add one to the outdoor unit. Works the same I am assuming?

Scott Maz says:

Good morning Curtis

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