No Gas MIG Welding Machine (Flux Core) – PARKSIDE PFDS 120 A2 | Unboxing and Test

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I bought this welding machine just for this test. You can only weld with flux core wire. It is not synergic.

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José Carlos Moraes says:

Quero saber quanto custa um máquina de solda desa eu me entereco

ivan says:

Para que sirve el gas en la Mig ?

meeekstube says:

Interesting …I would have love words with it …But seeing all these question in many languages, no words must be ok! I wonder If this one is close to the Mig 100 a friend bought at aldi

қарақалпақ жигити says:

Сколко этит сварка

Mike Ches says:

You should've show the settings for every thickness!!

Mauricio Lopez says:

Muchas bolitas de soldadura q peligro

Mario Antonio Velazquez says:

MIG metal inert gas soldadura siempre usará gas no engañen

Stanislav Zumarevic says:

Koliko kosta i kako mogu naruciti

Alberto Vetica says:

La torcia non va usata come un elettrodo che si tira ,il filo continuo si spinge.

taters1066 says:

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for a simple but informative video. I haven't welded before so I looked at 'welding for beginners' etc, but they were useless. You took it out the box, wired it up and and gave a simple demonstration. As you know, real men don't need instructions! 🤣🤣.
Thanks 👍🏻

Mulla Kaman says:

I am interested buying this machine Avutralia Melbourne thanks

Alberto domingo Esquivel says:

Pintor bueno herramienta para lo chapista gracias por mostrar 😉

Satriawi awi says:

Harganya brapa klaw yg 45o wat

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