One TOOL That Makes My Job EASIER!! | HVAC Repairs

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Today I have a service call on a Nordyne furnace. Customer says the unit is making a loud noise. In this video I show how I make the repair and one of my favorite tools as a HVAC technician. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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Kg Kubenthiran says:

Good work our native

Thomas says:

Don't get me wrong here, but…I must just be unlucky I started searching on the app and 5 times out of 10 so far no parts listed. I will check my notes and see if I can find which models I'm talking about. Pretty sure most were less than 12 years old. BlueOn is great, but they have soooo far to go. I will keep trying, cause it's always easier to text in a part# than trying to read the model and or serial to a dealer and winding up with the wrong part because the sales guys aren't service techs. Hope they pay you good for trying to promote them.

tommy 554 says:

Nice van setup ez repair sweet


The time you loose just staging your videos is amazing! Not to mention how long it took you to diagnose that wheel! You must have a lot of spare time! Setting that camera up to show you closing that drawer on your van at the end! Time is money and you sure waste a lot of it!


DUDE, I knew it was the wheel the first time, the blades separate from the center disc and vibrate. BLUON SUCKS! I just call the local, Nordyne/Nortek, (RE MICHEL HERE IN NC) supplier and check for availability! No need for a third party APP! At least the guy at the supply house can actually lay hands on the part and confirm it is there! Never seen an app WALK BACK AND LAY HANDS AND CONFIRM IT IS THERE! But BLUON is paying you to pimp their product so you are not an UNBIASED opinion! Why screw around with an app when I can just call RE MICHEL directly and and get the part info! This is how shit gets screwed up, the middle man is not needed, go direct to the source! The younger generation have become suckers!

zober shirzad says:

Bro , can i work for you for free!!!! Lol im learning alot from you. 🙏

Jean Francois says:

Thankyou hood experiences

Rich Jones says:

LOL, nice OSB return plenum

David Russell says:

I thought from the headline it was something your boss had said. lol

M. Garcia says:

I signed up and mentioned your name. Thanks bud !

Juliano Zambon says:

Hey there what’s up? Very good job 👏 show your van building 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thanks

Based and Redpilled says:

I know both electrical and hvac deal with electricity, but are you less likely to be shocked and killed with hvac? Also the plumbers union around here pays a bit more than the hvac union, but do you know who generally gets paid more working for yourself? Thanks

Anthony Leak says:

The wheel came apart from the center hub

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