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Online HVAC Training – The Basic Refrigeration Cycle. Want to really learn HVAC?
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bosthegr8 says:

Towards the end you said basically what you are doing is taking the heat from inside and dumping it where it isn't needed or something to that effect. Couldn't you put another heat exchanger in and dump that heat into a tank in your basement for domestic hot water and practically double the efficiency? Yes, you would need to add a tank in your basement and plumb to it but it would remove more heat from the super heated refrigerant cumming out of the compressor and it would be that much heat that would not be needed from the water heater. Why don't manufacturers do that? the heat exchanger would be under $200

Joe Monahan says:

Great video! Very informative!

draft galosa says:

Thank you so much 🙂


excellent educational video…Thank you Ron

brueit0 says:

The info you have provided has been clear, explicit, interesting and factual. This video has broadened my knowledge of refrigeration.I am a qualified electrical engineer  and repair numerous diverse electrical systems including refrigeration. The video is excellent many thanks

kavan shukla says:

thank u very much sir , may,God bless u for this wonderful efforts 

Dryfee says:

Really nice video! I just wished you used Kelvin degrees!

Steven C. Cooper says:

Nice work Brother – really nice work!

Reshad Nabi says:

Hello Mr. Walker. Thanks a lot for taking your time making this wonderful video. It is very helpful, and can guide a lot of people like me, who want to become an HVAC tech. It will be even more appreciated if you could make some introductory videos on how to become a tech and some useful material through which you could endorse your services too. Keep the good job and caring for others!

Ashton Pollard says:

well done…best video I have seen. I liked the way you explained stuff….made it really easy, even for a hard head like

Yedu Krishna says:

Thanks lot sir… It is really useful. 

Debbie Watford says:

Thank you. My heat pump compressor failed. I watched tech. put new one in unit. Fasinated asking him questions how it worked. He did his best to explain it. Been watching videos for hours trying to understand the workings . THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOU HAVE HELPED ME GREATLY.

Vake Adaia says:

Thank you Ron, I am currently enroll for a refrigeration class,  for a NYC refrigeration license. Your explanation  made it so much simpler. Thanks again.

Carlos Franco says:

Awesome video thank u!!!!!!

yusuff SOGBAIKE says:

Thanks ron for your time taken to put this video together,i now understand fully,the basic refrigeration circle,pls can you post some video about LATENT HEAT OF VAPORISATION, AND SENSIBLE HEAT,I REALY NEED MORE EXPLANATION ON THAT  THANK YOU

Mohammad Aleem says:

excellant explanation

Sarah Walker says:

Thank you for making this video now I understand my class so much better.

Jayson Sasotil says:

Thankz ROn for this great video.. Please send me a module demo for all the lessons you posted via youtube.. thanx a lot

Craig Jackson says:

after attending a local hvac school,here in Pittsburgh pa, I've learned more then what I  paid for, your knowledge and time spent explaining the basic functions, will help me in my current job…..and future thank you so much…..

Ronald V. Novesteras says:

good job Ron

brandon HVAC/ANTS says:

For those techs who don't understand super heat and sub cool it is a very important part of being a tech to understand it. I wouldn't call myself a tech if I didn't know it. Heat and pressure are directly related. You should always have a line clamp that gives you temperature a wet bulb dry bulb temp gauge and your gauges will show you the saturation levels. You can get an app on your phone to help calculate if you have the correct charge or not. I personally feel you should understand all of this before getting your license to carry freon. If you don't know how to calculate a charge you shouldn't be using freon.

Marcusyiu says:

Thanks for sharing this outstanding video! Just don't understand why 100% liquid refrigerant became 25% vapor & 75% liquid after passing thru the metering device?! According to the video and gas law, when the refrigerant passed through a metering device, both the pressure and temperature will be reduced. My question is that if the temperature of the refrigerant is reduced, how can liquid refrigerant be turned into vapor state?? Please help?

MyProbationOfficer says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

eggsactlyrobin says:

Thanks Ron for the all of the time you invested in making this video a hit.
About the figure of the AC unit, it could be that the evap. coil fan sucks the room air over the coils and sends the cooler air back into the rooms via ducts, making the fan point in the other direction. This would better point out how the heat (molecules in motion) is removed.

Rosalinda Leialoha says:

Great Training Video. Thank You!!

Mahesh Patel says:


Leo Torres Colon says:

Very educational

2norbee says:

wow!!! this is such a good training video, thank you Ron.

Cody Cook says:

I've never found such a good video. Great lesson! I now understand the process. I haven't been able to comprehend it, but you teach it better than most.

Jeremy Douglas says:

I have never fully understood how Air Conditioning works (as far as when/why the refrigerants would change state and how). I am an HVAC technician and this video has helped me so much! I finally understand the process completely! Taking the time at the beginning of the video to explain the pressures, what heat is, etc., helped lay down the foundation of AC. Best AC video ever! Thanks

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