Our Mobile welding rig and the tools / equipment we carry

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This is a walk around of our shop mobile welding rig, at the end of the video there is a picture collage of the trailer build, don’t miss that !
I unpack and lay out all the tools and equipment we carry.

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Andrew Hallermann says:

I think I'm going to copy your design I really like this

Jesse Aldape says:

Love this video it's simple and easy

Jesse Aldape says:

I need blue prints for that trailer I've been trying to build me one for my business

Jason Watkins says:

How much for the rig

Matthew Chase says:

great video, subscribed, thanks

Guzzi Fabrication says:

That's awesome ! thanks !

Robbie Jeffrey says:

Nice trailer build and set up. Very well organized

Brandon Heath says:

How much does the trailer weigh fully loaded? I’d like to build something similar if it’s towable with a Jeep Wrangler.

sean Tucker says:

Very cool ideas. Building something similar just added a truck rack for more storage ladders etc. Keep up the good work

Chad Lassiter says:

Clean setup

Delber marques says:

Brasileiro aqui,morando hoje nos Estados Unidos 🇺🇸,soldador a13 anos no Brasil,o ramo da soldagem aqui e diferente em alguns aspectos,parabéns,

Caleb C says:

youre fuckin hilarious

Herbert Moore says:

Where's your welding blankets?🤷🏿‍♂️

Ralf says:

Love the layout built mine with materials I had. The lengths were 8ft by 50" 12ft to the tung. Wish I had the 2 extra feet you have I would build it exactly as you did. Trying to get my layout just like yours.

Leonardo Cagumbay jr. says:

Ok I saw it,thank u.

Leonardo Cagumbay jr. says:

Very good job,. How u start a welding machine,if no electricity,do u have a generator? Thank u.

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