Overland Minimalist Toolkit: General Hand Tools. Anything missing? Anything Redundant? Let me know.

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Overland Minimalist Toolkit: General Hand Tools. Anything missing? Anything Redundant? Let me know.

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Overland Minimalist Toolkit Playlist

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Paul Trujillo says:

Doc, you and I are "kindred spirits". I plan, adapt, tweak, adjust, modify, or sub in sub out items, religiously based on my needs or mission. I tend to over compensate, and also find I inadvertently duplicate items, in one fashion or another. I've come to the conclusion, epiphany, clarity, and basic fundamental "logic", …..simple + functional + rugged + every man usage + multi-use items, are my foundation of go-to/ emergency/bug out/truck supplies-tools. EVERY PERSON, must be able to see, cut, bend, grab, twist, tie, pound, stand-walk, lift, think safely!, and pick the appropriate tools for such. I always think, and live by my mantras; – "worst case scenarios", "if my tools aren't ready, I'm not ready", "if I don't have it, I can't use it". Remember Doc, there are multitools, knifes, flashlights, gloves, I.D.-dog tags, watches, belts, footwear, pen/pencil/marker, chem lights you can keep ON YOUR PERSON, to either lesson you tool storage weight/size, digging-looking for items frequently or in an emergency. Sometimes, "one is none, two is one", with core items, mentioned above. Be smart, be resourceful, and come come home safe to your family, in one piece. When you do, please share with us, I know I'd love to hear of your adventures, 🙋‍♂️. – Paul A. Trujillo, So Cal

Mike Dunning says:

Something to change a vehicle attery.

StoneHombre says:

Gloves.knee pads.headlamp. eye protection. First aid kit!. With ( QUICK CLOT bandage) . (JSP brand bump caps) are outstanding. APPARENTLY you work in remote areas. Respond time will be that much longer . Be a shame if you're out once again using your powers for good. incident occurs. And you cant help YOURSELF ! Water. Electrolytes!! . AWESOME MIND-SET. The pad you're using coyote color on table . is it a tool roll also? If so I like your double duty mindset.
It's chess not checkers. I really enjoyed your video.

phil0083 says:

I would just shy away from buying multimeters where you can't replace the leads. The leads will eventually fail and when they do the whole thing becomes useless.

Environmenthrall says:

I have an old X-acto utility knife, with contoured finger grips, and it requires blades that have the square knockout; you can't load it up with a traditional blade. So perhaps Fiskars was just trying to ensure a greater market share, or accommodate legacy tools?

Mike Normandy says:

Doc, Why do I have a feeling your Overlanding rig is a Toyota? I want to say Either a 4runner or a Land Cruiser? You just seem like the type of guy who likes to overland, but likes to get back home, as well! LOL

dom bond says:

Drill bits maybe a couple step bits and tape measure

Michael Schlimmer says:

Do you have a link to that multimeter? I love that compact size

Nocturum Mortem says:

The olfa 25mm heavy duty utility knife. Does all and cuts all especially with the hbb-20b replacement blades. A blade you can extend out 5× longer for a specific cut makes all the difference. Those blades are scary sharp so when your about to go cut something you think it won't cut..go ahead and snap into a fresh blade and be surprised.

Darian Ackerman says:

11 in 1 by klein maybe?

criggie says:

Interesting how you've got a lot of expensive brands in there. I've used second and third rate tools, good enough to fix the problem but if they get stolen or broken then I'm not down a fortnight's pay for a snapon thing. The best tools I own live at home where they get used a lot more – the car kit is last resort.

Tommy Dye says:

Are you going to make some overland videos?

Michael Costa says:

The Milwaukee folding knives are cute they won't hold up to heavy use. I am a retired carpet and Linoleum installer I have had a utility knife in my hand most of my life. A Stanley #199 is a good solid knife if you run the screw in and out to break it in you can change blades using your fingernail or you can buy a Crain or Roberts knife with a thumb screw from a flooring supply. You can put a piece of hose over the blade. The hole in the blade tells it is a universal blade it will also fit knives like Modern Specialties, old General, and even old Red Devil. I buy my blades in hundred packs that have Iten small plastic containers that hold ten oiled blades. A small stone or slim taper file to sharpen utility blades and saws. Draw filing sharpens utility blades fast. If you have old eyes check Lufkin Nite eyes tape measures they are life-changing.

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