Plasma is the fourth state of matter. We normally think of three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. For a common element, water, these three states are ice, water and steam. This video explains [More]
Here are 10 amazing CNC Machines from IMTS 2018! Nothing. But. Pure. Awesome. Come check out the most amazing CNC machines we saw at IMTS 2018 and we’re saving the best for last! Stay tuned [More]
So you are thinking of purchasing your first CNC Machine to make a little extra money on the side? Well, hold up before you spend that money and watch this video as it will tell [More]
Extreme Fast Milling Machines in Action – DATRON CNC Machines
CNC Machine | Types of CNC Machines In this video, you’ll learn what is CNC Machine and how it works? Different types of CNC Machines, Specifications, and more. What is CNC machine? CNC machine defined [More]
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Thanks to the University of Minnesota for sponsoring this video! The technology we use to keep cool is heating the world in a vicious feedback cycle, so we need to improve it and use [More]
Baku’s air conditioning is broke, so he calls up the a/c repair. Bank Bill is on vacation from the bread store after hitting a couple of licks and coming up off the bread bank. Baku’s [More]
To beat the summer heat, we turn to air conditioning. But that sweet, cool relief isn’t magic: it’s the science of heat transfer and the chemistry of refrigerants. Subscribe! Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! [More]
In this video, we will learn how an Air Conditioner Works, by discussing the different parts and the functions of different parts through animation. Be With Us While We Grow. Click here and Subscribe (It’s [More]
Listen to TOOL’s Full Catalog – Available Now:    Get ’10,000 Days’: Get ‘Lateralus’: Get ‘Ænima’: Get ‘Undertow’: Get ‘Opiate’:   Upcoming TOOL Tour Dates:   TOOL Official [More]
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We all have, or should have, an essential tool kit at home for minor reparations. But brands innovate every year with better tools, improving old ones or inventing new devices. We have looked for the [More]
Electrical work requires specialised tools. In this video, we look at the range of unique offerings from Milwaukee specifically designed for electricians. Each item is time stamped and linked below. Also, you can request a [More]
Top 5 Best Electrical Tools – Essential Tools for Electricians Tools for Electricians ,Electrical Technicians, Industrial Electrical Technicians and home electrical technician. Electric Tools, Tools for Electricians – , Tools Must Have – [More]
Most used 30 electrical basics hand tools for electrician & engineers 1.Neon Tester 2.Combination pliers 3.Adjustable wrench 4.Ball peen hammer 5.Wire striping pliers 6.Claw hammer 7.Drill machine 8.Grinding machine 9.Flat screwdriver 10.Spirit level 11.Wrench 12.Scissors [More]
Since my first tool video I did a few years back, I’ve had so many people ask me for a more condensed list of tools that I would consider as the essentials for an apprentice [More]
Hello friends, In this video i told you what is plasma cutting and how a plasma cutting machine works, i try to give you complete detail of plasma cutting in a short time. if any [More]
I’m testing out my new Langmuir systems Crossfire CNC plasma table, I’m running it with my Harbor freight Titanium plasma 45 torch. It runs Mach 3 for the controller software and Fusion 360 for cad [More]
Plasma Cutter: Plasma cutting for dummies. In this video I’m showing you some basic tips and tricks to get the best out of your plasma cutter. Support the channel: Website: My camera [More]
Alpha CNC Plasma Cutter AP1325 upgraded version with faster speed 30m/min
Automatic cutting steel with a thickness of 3 mm using plasma. THE MACHINE Thermal cutting of metals «RUR 3500» With respect to its structural and dynamic properties the RUR CNC cutting machine is suitable not [More]
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Conversion: For all our non-U.S. friends, 1 Thou is equal to .0254 mm. TITANS of CNC: Academy: Autodesk Free Trials: Inventor – Fusion – HSM – If you’ve ever taken shop [More]
Some auction footage from 2022 Feb Lyon auction. Follow along to see what I bought. Here is a link to a previous video at this auction As always this equipment is for sale that I [More]
Sheet metal folding machines are extremely flexible tools for a wide variety of applications and industries. These tools offer improved ergonomics, faster setup, easy operation, and unparalleled repeatability. Take a look at some of the [More]
Doing Some Stuff on an small Bead Roller
Introducing the workshop with sheet metal machines and some examples
How do air conditioning units work? Air conditioning system basics. We learn basic refrigeration cycle, compressor, condenser, evaporator and different types of expansion valves. Correction: 06:08 The bulb refrigerant expands to *OPEN* the valve, not [More]
Sign up for your free Danfoss Learning account – . Danfoss Learning is a free online training and certification hub. You can boost your knowledge on hundreds of cooling topics right from your desktop [More]
If you’re like me, then the sound of an air conditioner puts you right to sleep. Now with our virtual AC, you don’t have to wait for a hot summer day to enjoy the soothing [More]
I have always enjoyed hearing the ambient roar of an air conditioner while I’m falling asleep, so I decided to record mine and upload it. Enjoy :]
30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #2
7 New Amazing Plumbing Tools You Should Have Available Online ►4 #Tools #diytools #newtools #amazingtools #newgadgets #toolsonamazon 🔥 SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDS ► 🔥 SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDS ► ******************************************** Donate Us: Bitcoin [More]
Plumbing requires specialised tools. In this video, we look at the range of unique offerings from Milwaukee specifically designed for Plumbers. Each item is time stamped and linked below. Also, you can request a job [More]
THE LINKS TO PURCHASE ARE DOWN HERE 5 ► xTool D1 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine ●Amazon US: 4 ► LaserPecker Pro Portable Compact Laser Engraver machine ●Amazon US: ●Amazon UK: 3 ► [More]
ACCURL Manufacturers 1000w Fiber CNC Laser Cutting Machine team now introduces its newest generation in tube and profile processing technology-the fiber laser tube cutting system. Technological nnovation has brought us the Smart KJG Series. With [More]
In recent years Fibre optic laser cutting machines have become the driving force behind the global production of sheet metal parts. The growing variety of products and smaller machines have forced manufacturers to move away [More]
Welcome to the exciting world of laser cutting! For all those makers out there looking to start creating with a laser cutter, this tutorial will have the basic information you need to get started! We [More]
Unboxing, assembling and testing my new welding machine. WTL MULTIMIG 200EX MIG/MMA 0:00 Unboxing 1:47 Assembly 4:06 MIG welding test 10:03 MMA welding test Subscribe for more!
A simple list of the factors I consider when shopping for a welding machine. There are hundreds of options available when it comes to welding machines, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Because it’s impossible [More]
The 1,000 foot view of the most common welding processes. All of the different welding processes and acronyms can be really confusing. In this video, I go over the following: 0:00 Intro 0:40 Stick Welding [More]