Patent Remake: 1911 Swivel-Jaw Alligator Wrench

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In this patent recreation, I work on a type of alligator wrench designed to work with tapered fasteners. Do I know of any tapered fasteners? No. Does that mean the person who originally designed this wrench in 1911 as insane? Possibly.

You can view the original patent here:

All major parts were made of 1″ thick 4140 steel hardened to 47 HRc. I tried to cut the serrated swivel-jaw portion with the metal planer, but switched to machining on the milling machine after one face because my arm was going to fall off.

I chose not to polish this wrench to a mirror finish as it already looks too much like something you would put in a dark place while bending over.

In the end, it worked well and the spring action of the swivel jaw would be useful in modern pipe wrenches.

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DaemonCross says:

Hmm, I believe that is actually a 1911 Swivel-Jaw Alligator Wrench Dil**

Bradley Borrowman says:

That metal planer is my new favorite machine shop tool

Michael says:

One of my favourite channels mate but can you do more like one a week would suit me 🤣🤣🤣

Michael says:

Great work and all but it kinda sucks as a tool you reckon

gina farducci says:

Why are you dry-threading? Using the proper lube will make your job easier as well as preserve your tools.

Jacob Saylor says:

It’s these patent remakes that make me realize how much of a tool nerd I am

Дмитрий Ковыричев says:

Ну и хрень получилась)) Без обид – впустую потраченные время и ресурсы. Если только как попытка сделать что-то что теперь уже история.


I have access to pretty much everything I need to make this, including a heat treating oven that is mostly used for color case hardening and a toaster oven for tempering at my gunsmithing class… and tbh this might be useful for barrels as many have contours. Then again I'm not sure if it will grip well enough, it seemed to have decent grip, but at the risk of marring up the surface your are tightening or loosening. My only problem is I doubt I would be allowed to make this with all the time it would take and I need to finish my final project lol. Great video as always, makes me really want to make shit in a lathe or mill lol.

The Crows Nest Hobbies says:

Maybe be for pipe fitting

Netts says:

Major This Old Tony vibes at the start lol. Love it! I'd like that the be the standard for these kinds of videos, but for restoration videos please keep the old format 🙂

Ray Stanczak says:

I have a bowl of oil! Now I just need the rest of that stuff.
Nice looking work. Would having two of the rotating jaws instead of the fixed jaw work even better at gripping a cone?
I’ll be watching for the next pointless project!

patman0250 says:

I don't know if this is the stuff you do but that seem's like an awsome idea for a channel. A channel where all you do is create thing's based on old patent's from yesteryear, and bringing them to life to see their practical functionality. That would actually be extremely amazing if that was the premise of your channel. And If it isn't, to the person that uses the idea, you're welcome. "EDIT" I've checked out your channel and you actually do exactly that, granted it's not all you do but pretty damn close, "SUBSCRIPTION EARNED"

patman0250 says:

That's crazy that's what I would think like random alien tech would look like. Like if aliens had a wrench that they use some specific function for. I would think it would look something like this. So with that said, can I have it?

aaron garrett says:

Super cool tool!

lrrr says:

All dem teeth an no toothbwush makes it hurt dem nuts.

Mocking69 says:

I am impressed with the great idea tools ♪

David Long says:

Have seen cone-shaped locating pins and studs. In aerospace we would occasionally use tapered pins threaded into flat tooling and they taper would guide say a piece of sheet metal and locate it relative to other parts. Though…not sure if a tapered, threaded locating pin was the intended use for the swiveling teeth jaw.

Son of the Southern Cross says:

This channel never ceases to amaze me! Just when I thought I saw everything eg: Fractal Vice, then another tool that I have never heard of, appears.

Ståle Mahoney says:

i wonder how this would be against stripped bolt heads

Fix News says:

Die nuts are for chasing, not threading.

Fix News says:

Why no cutting fluid or coolant? Your cutters can't last very long.

oneshot_me says:

It looks great!!

Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up as a support

Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius says:

The bottom jaw has no teeth, it's a gummy gator.

Nash Smart says:

Did you know that alligators can live up to a hundred years old, so your guaranteed to seem them later 💁‍♂️

Nash Smart says:

"Various Alligator Action"

Selden Daniel says:

I recommend bandsaw blades with variable tooth pitch and height – they cut very very well!

Lil Hustler says:

I have one of those that my Grandmother passed down.

Rock Crawler says:

I have seen conical dowel pins but they were press fitted not threaded. Interesting tool though and great work and attention to detail as usual

Dustin Olsen says:

Your metal plainer looks like a manual version of a Cincinnati shaper i saw on fireball tools youtube page

Den Samme says:

Considering the time of patent filing I wonder if this can have been for mounting artillery/navy fuses

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