Plasma Cutter IPOTOOLS CUT-45R | Unboxing and Test

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Unboxing and testing my new plasma cutter from IPOTOOLS. This plasma cutter can cut steel up to 12mm in thickness. All you need is 220V and an air compressor and you can start cutting.

00:00 Unboxing and assembly
04:28 Setting up for plasma cutting
05:05 Plasma Cutting 1mm Steel
07:02 Plasma Cutting 3mm Steel
08:04 Plasma Cutting 5mm Steel
09:10 Plasma Cutting 12mm Steel

What machine should I test in the next video?

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Make & Test says:

This plasma cutter is similar to the one from PARKSIDE. The torch is almost identical with the exception of the plastic handle and button. But this one is more powerful. It can easily cut 12mm of steel, while Parkside could only handle 8mm. Let me know in the comments what machine should I test in the next video?

Carlos Carmona says:

Precio de la maquina

Mohammed Adu says:

الحام عالي بقس سريع

LexCroat says:

Bok, mi mozes reci koji kompresor je ovo, od koliko litara? Hvala.

Bobby Singh says:

Sir ur cable extension bord is amazing..can u pls tell me how to purchase it and how much price?

Deepak Solanky says:

India price

Duong Pham says:

Bán cho 1 cái shop oi

Duong Pham says:

Máy này hàng nội dịa nuóc nào day hay hàng liên doanh . Giá thành thế nào ạ

Yuvraj fon nambarto do yar Sahu says:

Nahi becoge kiya javab nahi diya malik se bat karao

Bilg Aissa says:

Dose it work with simple air from air compressor or it needs special gas

maksim kalashnyuk says:

Due to what it cuts so much.

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