Plasma Cutter PARKSIDE PPS 40 B2 (149€) – Unboxing and Test

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Unboxing and testing the cheapest plasma cutter I can afford. Bought it in LIDL(Slovenia) for 149€. It’s suprisingly good… for the money. All you need is an air compressor and you’re set to go. LIDL’s plasma cutter will easily cut steel to 6 or maybe 8 mm, thicker than that I wouldn’t recommend. I also tested cutting aluminum, brass and stainless steel(INOX). Enjoy!


Make & Test says:

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Aman Kumar says:

इस मशीन से कितने mm तक की लोहे कटी जा सकती हे??

Iurie B T T A says:



Gary Kirwan says:

Is it hard to get consumables

Nomis says:

On sale now in lidl in the uk £149

juan esclapes says:


Somnath Ghosh says:

এই মেসিনের দাম কত

Dario Borek says:

Dla mie spese jak kazdy inny ale servisse to 0

2khmtpj Ajgtnpt says:

One question. Plazma always need a extra air generator? Its not posible that you buy a plasma on the 220 with a air generator inside. I need something like these if you know that kind of variante please tell me. I need to cut a old cistern but i dont have air compresor and i don have 380 plug. Thanks for the answers. ✌️

Nikhil Jangid says:

Split jacketing ki price kya hai WhatsApp Karen

Jeronimo Chavez Maya says:

Es una máquina para uso no profesional.

Abed Algaffar says:


Al Muzzammil says:

Is machine ko lene ke liye kya karna padega home delivery a Jayegi aur iski kimat price RS

Dirk Reinhardt says:

I just saw a vid about the same cutter. The man demonstrate that it cuts 10 mm steel . Not so easy but he had a whole selection . Seems good enough . Are the power cables capabel for 40amp ? Reinhardt

Ramjan Gawandi says:

Is this AVAILABLE in India.

Ramjan Gawandi says:

Price and details

J SGG77 says:

Wazzup! Wow your channel has great views I'm impressed on how you ended this video This enjoyable scenes! i like how you ended your video

Michel Remy says:

Pas très nette comme découpe !

idontcareaboutyou says:

noone says the most important info. that you need a damn compressor to make it work

carl 1215 says:

Was going too watch but to many f'n ads #boycott advertiser's

Idalecio Bezerra says:

Quanto custa essa máquina de solda e de cortar ferro?

Bilg Aissa says:

Dose it work with simple air from air compressor or it needs special gas

Hasudungan Tpbln says:


عصام المهدي٨١ Essam almehdi81 says:

Is it air or gas?

عصام المهدي٨١ Essam almehdi81 says:

هل تقطع بالهواء ام بالغاز


What's the price of plasma cutter in Patna where is it dealers

Rafsanjany Ahmad says:

is this machine need a compressor?

Lalit Verma says:

What is the maximum thickness this machine can cut..?

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