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Plasma Cutter:

Plasma cutting for dummies.
In this video I’m showing you some basic tips and tricks to get the best out of your plasma cutter.

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My names Matt Urch and I own and run Urchfab welding and fabrication.
I specialise in custom automotive fabrication from building roll cages to complete one off builds.
I built the worlds most unique and oldest drift car known as the drift rod which can be found on my channel.
So if your into grinding, welding, fabricating, drifting, going fast etc, your in the right place!


Ian Cook says:

Good Vid.

A few things though…It's not about outright compressor pressure (although it is a factor), it's about air flow rate.

Torch tips – if they have a star or cross pattern at the nozzle / tip – they are capable of being dragged, as long as the work is pierced though, and the correct cutting speed / current selection / air flow / pressure setting (as you mentioned) is maintained, any tip can be used to drag.

Not just nozzle / tip condition, but inner electrode condition is also a major factor in cut quality.

Wouldn't recommend beginners to use non dominant hand to hold work with a pilot arc cutter – they're indiscriminant in what they cut. Don't forget the plasma stream is somewhere in the region of 20,000 degrees Celsius. The leg comment was not said in jest!!!!

Again, good vid.

David Chan says:

ty for the explanation.

cab4word says:

Thank you for this video. I just got my cutter

Bizzon666 says:

Thanks man. Friend bough a cheap plasma cutter but wasn't comfortable using it himself.. This video gave me enough idea about cutting to have confidence doing it for the first time with no problems😇

John Somerset says:

Great info, thanks.

Jarred says:

If I'm cutting metal plates off a utility trailer and it's on top of square tubing is it going to cut threw everything? Or just top piece

bombiedude says:

I got anxiety watching this because even though he has gloves on one slip can still chop his hand off

Name says:

Dude, I don't know what you mean. At 17:21, you cut a pretty good Godzilla head. ✌️😂

Ярослав Горячев says:

Очень познавательное видео!👍

Paul Reynolds says:

You can get an app for your phone what will tell you the amp you should be set at for the thickness of materials your using. Might be of help for beginners.

Phillip Chavez says:

Can a plasma cutter like that cut a 2×2 inch thick iron???????

tvaughn says:

Just got a plasma cutter, haven't even put it together, thanks good video

Munawar Soomro says:

Just got my first plasma to start out with. Appreciate the video. Are you riding the tip of the nozzle on the metal?

Edward Peter says:

can you cut aluminium whith plasma cut?

Guillermo Nieri says:

I learned more this second time. Thank you.

cts says:

Use a f'n hankie man!

Lyle Swan says:

I have owned a Hypertherm powermax 600 for over twenty years, it's a little beat up(sometimes I literally have to beat the side of the unit to get the air solenoid to shut off) but works great mostly. I can honestly say it is my all time favorite tool I own. If you're on the fence of buying a plasma cutter and do much fab work at all, buy it. You won't regret it(unless you buy one that don't work right, cause that would suck). I would love to upgrade to powermax 65, but hard to justify when my museum piece still kicks ass. My .02 worth.

Daniel Maaka says:

Great Vid buddy

MrUlhasan says:

Can we cut >50mm thick plate with this laser cut

Jason Kyriakou says:

Great video, Matt, thanks

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