Plasma cutting steel

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Automatic cutting steel with a thickness of 3 mm using plasma.
THE MACHINE Thermal cutting of metals «RUR 3500»
With respect to its structural and dynamic properties the RUR CNC cutting machine is suitable not only for oxy fuel and conventional plasma cutting but also for High Definition plasma cutting. The RUR is characterized by a substantial fully welded machine frame using a digitally synchronized twin side motion control system fitted to both longitudinal rails of the machine. The machine also incorporates a high level of dynamic automation.

Basic equipment
fully welded beam without bolted joints
linear bearing in cross axis
NEW AC servo-drive system (12 000 mm/min.)
digital synchronisation in longitudinal axis
NEW PIERCE 15“ control system with touch screen
floating cutting heads
electric ignition
capacitive height control of oxy torch
automatic piercing with HI-LOW preheating
automatic initial height sensing of plasma torch
arc voltage height control of plasma torch
parking for 1 head out of cutting area
limit switch protection in each axis
Optional equipment

NEW PIERCE 19“ control system with touch screen
plasma system by customer request
linear bearing in longitudinal axis
NEW AC servo-drive system (20 000 mm/min.)
automatic gas console
torch selection from control panel
anti-collision system
pneumatic, plasma or ink jet marker
air cooling of portal frame
control system heating (for winter operation)
parking space for 3 torches


Дима Танин says:

Работал на таком, универсальная машина. Только источник был 130 А. Даже скорости по газорезке совпадают, подбирал опытным путём.

Mohd Shahnawaz says:

Plz tell me it's price

Shakir ALI says:

How many price to palama cuting

Gopal Kashyap says:

Sir yes mashing miles kese

Kofi Amoateng says:

Please what is the maximum thickness it can cut.

Zama manguza zet Zet says:

How laern this machine

Mehul Jatav says:

Plasma cutting dust ke liye contact me…

MD Imran Malakji says:

Machine ret

Rinku Panchal says:

What is the prise i want it


Dam kitana hai

Syed Faizan Ali says:

do i need eye protection while operating this? and what face protection for breathing? i am operator of cnc plasma, kindly guide me about PPEs

shanmugam says:

Mechine cost

Rajendra Yadav says:

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I want job
CNC plasma machine operator and programming
Any vacancy
Call me

Sarbjit Kotli says:

Tell me price

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