Plumbers Backpack 2019

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Plumbers Backpack 2019
This is my Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack (48-22-8201). I’ve had this for almost two years now, and in this video I break down everything I keep in it. I’m moving to Milwaukee’s new Packout Backpack (48-22-8301)
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Chasing Chases says:

Stop wrench in my top 5 easy…triggered me just a little when you was like back in the drawer lol

gpraceman says:

Appreciate the review of your tool load out. Hard to watch though, with the camera swinging all around.

luis lazcano says:

Buen revisado pero la camara se mueve mucho lo que vuelve desagradable ver el video completo

Francisco Martinez says:

my back hurts , my back is broken. spinal!!!!

Lesly Bien-aimé says:

Because i want to have this bag for working please tell me that i want that thank you God bless you.

Lesly Bien-aimé says:

Please how i can buy this, what your number phone your adresse may be i have in idea of your magazine.

Ygnore Media says:

The K in knipex is not silent my friend hehe 👍🏼😊

larrytheplumber says:

I got 5 of them

Joeybagadonuts says:

What a bag of crap

dormindont1 says:

17:15 what is it? Please write for my.
Для чего это устройство?

wisdomseeker says:

Shaky filming gave me a headache………WOW!

Tenzin Samten says:

Shaking camera

Neобычный Сантехник says:

Super 🔥🔥🔥👍

lepadus says:

Enjoyed the content, but invest in a tripod for the camera.

Iso Akadjanov says:

Useful video.🙂
thanks bro👍👍👍

Santiago C says:

Is it heavy to carry, like to the point where it’s uncomfortable

superwout says:

Who needs 15 huskies when you have just 2 smooth jaw Knipex

gyver471 says:

Keep the camera still you making us dizzy

Nate Doan says:

I wanna know more about that light!!!!


Yellow cutters are the worst invention ever! Guaranteed blood blisters! Where are you Bahco Tools??

mark luke says:

So much camera movement I'm getting sea sick.

Boun_Viaggio_USA says:

What does that pack weigh?

Bloodsong ( Red Neck Tool Reviews) says:

I'm a Sparkie, that's right King of the Jobsite , anyway I had the Milwaukee bag for 8 months and the Milwaukee pockets are not up to snuff for holding Pliers and screwdriver securely and neatly, the bag also can be very tippy if you don't have anything in the bottom and tools will fall out of the pockets if the bag is tipped, the bag is also angled forward and that is very irritating if the bag is bellow you

Peter Ryan says:

How does the Knipex pliers wrench compare to Husky pipe wrench? Which one do you prefer?


That's too heavy.

Gio Azzarello says:

The sockets if you ever break them you can go back to hf and just replace them.

Jerome B says:

Wait you dont use teflon “hactical plumber”

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