Plumbing tool bag set up

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I’m a service/new construction plumber. This is just how I set up my hand tool bag!


Jerry Barbato says:

That husky bag does the job / great tool assortment!

Donny Elbaz says:

Hate that husky basin wrench

Kaldwin Poison says:

I really liked you’re video. I’m planning on doing a pre-apprenticeship for plumbing to get that experience then move up from their. I have zero experience so it’s nice to know what hand tools are good for the trade. You should make a video about plumber power tools!

Neобычный Сантехник says:

Круто 👍

FranowaynebyWAF says:

Tape measure?

Hardrock says:

Nice use of the bag, organized and with all the main hand tools required for Plumbing. Whenever I take out my tools from one of my Husky Bags I always turn it upside down over the trash can, give it a rough shake. Then I usually vacuum it out and wipe it down as well. In my tool bags and boxes I also carry nitrile gloves and some absorbent rags.

Luis Ortega says:

I am a plumber apprentice. I'm slowly getting all my tools. Nice set

DMO P&E says:

That bag has a lot of essential tools. good video.

MrSwosh89 says:

How about a pelican 1510 with wheels?

Francisco Rodriguez says:

I put a GPS on my tool 🔧 bags.

송영홍 says:

Knipex good item 👍

jordan k says:

Not even a tape measure😂

Basil Mathew says:

Hi contract no

simonlang2001 says:


tool this with a 12 inch extension 1/4" and a 4 " socket is fablous for braided hose removal most sink nuts fast easy fairly cheep, i get the crafts man 12" extender a cheepo 4 " ratchet from an auto parts store great

Optimus Prime says:

Your set up sucks balls

pasquale parente says:

Don't plumbers change washers anymore??? Where are the handle pullers? For those stubborn bath faucets and kitchen and lavatory faucets? Or Has the whole world gone with the ceramic cartridge ? Don't get me started on the ceramic cartridges where they cannot be repaired without going to the store or keeping a huge supply of all the different types. Not to mention the cost versus a 10 cent rubber washer!!!

SACHS VDE ⚠️ says:

Man You've forgotten the oldest tool of all !!…The Hammer..!!🔨

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