Plumbing Tools Must Have | Best Tools for Plumbing | Tools for Plumbing Apprentice or Homeowner

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Plumber tools are discussed in this video, and the best plumbing tools you may need on most residential projects and repair jobs. Stanley 37-piece plumbers tool set, all you need for most jobs:

Must have KNIPEX pliers 3 piece set:

Rigid EZ Change faucet tool, must have for changing faucets easily:

This is a video of plumbing tools and their uses for beginners or homeowners but also for plumbing apprentices, tools for plumbing work, basic residential work in general. These tools can be used by homeowners doing their own plumbing repairs and installations or contractors. They include a good tool box and things like pliers, wrenches, soldering tools, tools for cutting and installing PVC drain pipes, sink traps, faucets, toilets, or for stopping leaks, all the most basic tools for plumbing.


Home Repairs & Tools says:

Rigid EZ Change faucet tool, must have for changing faucets easily:

cunt says:

Hey buddy, I have a questions and I’d be hoping you could help me out. And old timer gave my buddy a tool a long time ago and had no idea what it was or where he got it. It is the multi wrench that you picked up at 7:45. We use it for Ford fittings the most but you can use it for different things every day on a plumbing truck. Do you have any idea what that’s called, or maybe where you got it? Thank you boss!


It seems to work without power tool is possible.

Jared Marban says:

Great video, thanks!

Plumb Raider says:

Looks all very well used. I highly suggest the bahco 9031 adjustable which goes 1.5” wide and is just 8” long!

There is also the 9031-T which is the same but has a slim jaw, you always need two so I have both in my toolbag!

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