Plumbing Tools | These Plumbing Tools SAVE You Time and Money

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Do Y’all Want to know some Cool Plumbing Tips and Tricks that Will Save YOU Money?!
Today We are talking about the Kinetic Water Ram By General Pipe Cleaners and The RIGID RP-350 Pro Press! I Love These Tools and they are an Absolute MUST Have on my Trucks!

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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Roger Wakefield says:

Are you using the Kinetic Water Ram?

wilwiljames1 says:

I've owned a water ram for over 25 yrs and it's the tool I take into every home with a drainage complaint, I do have a small rodder but this is the baby.

Brandon Faircloth says:

Ferguson is WAY over priced.

David Roberts says:

I love pro press ppl say it has a rubber washer that can fail and my comment is so can a sweat joint

brad logan says:

mike diamond kool aid

357 says:

Two THOUSAND Dollars is what keeping me from purchasing a propress. How much you get paid for these endorsements?

SmolSoldier says:

We also use a lot of pro press or pro press kinda parts in Finland, it's so much faster/easier and no fire hazard but you really need to do the pressing in right order or you'll end up wasting parts because you realise you can't fit the press into the spot where it presses the part correctly.

Jason N says:

Im a plumber in WI, I use Milwaukee's Propex expansion and their Airsnake drain cleaning kits. Milwaukees Airsnake is similar to the Kinetic, only difference is, it's automatic. ProPEX to me is better than copper in WI, because it expands in the winter and copper cracks a lot in cold temps. I do (very rare) have some customers that only trust copper, so I still install copper. I don't care to use sharkbites or similar products as in their quick connects. Yet! I've never came across a failed Propex or pex job…that was installed correctly, lol.

Frank Brown says:

Don’t tell me you’re just learning about propress?

Aepek says:

I use ProPEX more than ProPress, and like PEX-A little better than PEX-B. Only thing I find annoying, transitioning from copper to PEX before starting the runs etc… That can be quite annoying at times. Suppose could use ProPress to ProPEX fitting, but we don’t, and usually just sweat a fitting on; as doesn’t take that much time (usually). Also know could just get a hand crimper, but not a big fan of the crimp style rings for PEX, do like ProPress; but they can be quite pricey, whereas (kinda funny, imo) ProPEX is a bit more affordable right now; think that a bit odd, imo.
Hoping to get a ProPress tool one day, either Ridgid, or Milwaukee (I like the 12v versions over the larger) but will see, what Ed yo going with. I do residential only now, with focused on remodeling and new construction work.
Thx Roger and hope your arms heals up quickly. I broke collarbone 10/31/2020 and then my foot 01/01/2021 and it’s not fun; wearing those slings/boots while you heal. So I wish you well and will pray for ya; as I’m sure it’s extremely hard to sit still, rest, and NOT use the “injured” body part 😉
Be Well🙏🏼

Adam says:

I have the Ridgid RP-240, best tool I've ever bought. I use it for Zoomlock refrigeration fittings, Propress and Megapress. Hasn't failed me yet!

William Eaton says:

When and when not us it ok to use the ram jet. Plz do more on this tool review. That ks

AsHellBored says:

Just bought a pex expander

Bill Mazur says:

You forgot the m12 milwaukee copper cutters 😉

Bill Mazur says:

Last time I checked your subscriber count you were at 20k. I expected more because your content was professional. I looked at your count today and want to wish you congratulations

Anthony Corona says:

I’m a little hesitant of propress because I was told everything hinges on an o ring. Was I misinformed?

Joshua Clater says:

Any other electricians love this channel?

Drew Kimball says:

we use propress all the time!! super amazing product. it saves so much time especially with not needing hot work permits and fire watches anymore.

Avrohom Pam says:

The Milwaukee air snake, is a battery operated unit, is basically the same thing as the kinetic water ram, just don't have to pump it up manually.

Max Griffin says:

The job I'm on we have ran some stainless steel pro press viega pipe. Almost like copper same od and Id. And stainless steel hub pipe.

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