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Plumbing tools you need every day. These are the plumbing tools I use most days. AMAZON TOOL SHOP HERE: From soldering torches to pipe cutters to adjustable spanners this video is about what I have in my hand tool bags at this point in time. If there’s anything I’ve missed or you think I should add something then comment below! Helpful for the plumbing apprentice, or anyone looking for a plumbing tools review.



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plumberparts says:

AMAZON TOOL SHOP HERE: Nearly everything in this video is there…

Edward Mcloughlin says:

Get a White Permanent Marker and mark the end of the handles of your screw drivers with a cross or a dash so you know what screw driver your reaching for. 👍

CreamPie9uy says:

How many times have you branded a little circle on yourself from leaning over and touching the end of that torch while it's still glowing? I've got one on the inside of each arm.

NW says:

The flat jaw pliers in the bag never got a mention.

Paul Green says:

Watched this video 109 years ago and been wanting the soldering bag for ages. Finally got the same one yesterday and you didn’t mention you had to some how find a way to fight out four incredibly tough rivets to get the side pockets out 😂. They have made an OL version with Velcro sides now and large enough sides to accommodate flux tubs. Nightmare.

Tak8835 says:

James… I don't know if you still have the Fluke Testers but if you're 2 probe testing the live probe can be clipped in to the back of the tester body… used to have these myself but ended up changing them as they trip RCD's. Great vid's btw.

David Ashman says:

Hi, at 6 foot 5 do you think i will have trouble being to tall to be a plumber ????

Joshua Garrard says:

With tool bags i bye Makita

wayne burgess says:


Tommy O'Hare says:

Where are the footprints

Paul Green says:

Just bought the McT. After seeing this video a few weeks ago my bag seemed sad… it’s a sad bag.

Scott Wojo says:

Yeah. That hammer? Just carry channel locks. Tape measure, buy junk ones from harbor freight.
Your Allen keys are pretty, just like your mouth.
Chuck your “spanners” and buy knipex wrench pliers.
I like you level, is it magnetic?
Fluxuator? Sigh. Wtf?
Heat mat? They make a better one.

Ivan Drozd says:

What about flue analyser?

Douglas Balderston says:


Paul T says:

Hi if you could buy just one bag would you use the backpack mct or the tech xl larger bag. Thanks

Vit K says:

А можно не так быстро балакать? А то я нихрена не понимаю.

zitouni mehdi says:

I like all the tool you are using and the bag is fantastic but expeeeeeenssiiiiive over 400£ that's a thief's magnet but I guess that's the bugatti of tool bags

Mohsin Ahmed says:

Very helpful…and funny commentary – the bit about nabbing the tools 🤣

First Last says:

Longs tool bag video please thanks

First Last says:

And battery’s

ClankyRochet says:

Prefer caddy style tool bag.

King Folk says:

I just use a small 22 inch metal tool box and it holds my torches, torch heads, cutters, reamers, flux, sand paper, wire brushes, flux brushes. anytime I need to solder some stuff I grab this box and any copper fittings I need right to the spot. Organization is everything to get the job done quick and correctly.
I love the idea of having a backpack for hand tools and would spend 150$+ on one.

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