Plumbing work materials names ||CPVC pipe fittings || pipe analysis || Plumbing basic || Plumbing

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Aap is video Mai dekh sakta hai ke plumbing kaam ke kaun kaunse materials hote hai aur in ka naam Kya hota hai …
Plumbing work material’s name’s, cpvc pipe fittings, pipe analysis
plumbing besics

Plumbing materials names and pictures Part 2 :-


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Ph no ta din

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தமிழ் லில் இருந்த புரியும் ஒன்னுமே புரியலே

Junedkhan Rajad says:

Har saman ke an piche tune mat lagaya karo chat nahin baithata please

Rizwan Ahmed says:

really good

Andrew Lale says:

That music…

Vinodxxx says:

What difference between coupler and socket?


What is MTA stand for ser.

unknown alpha says:

Amezing video 👌😍

Deba says:

Video acha hai lekin left side me name ke uper music likha hota hai to parts ka name pata nehi chalta

Arun says:

Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

The cokers says:

God bless you do more explain their uses

MixedBerries says:

Turn the fucking music off

rEaL LiFe says:

3ph meter reading aur uska billing ka video sir plz

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Sunil says:

भाई रक्षा पाइप कैसा है

M T says:

For non English tongue like us it’s very very helpful. Really appreciate your thoughtful video

Baldev kalsi says:

where can i find single Y as is not available easily in market

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