Portable Air Conditioners – Why you shouldn't like them

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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.

Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.

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wmxxre says:

what keeps people from stealing the one hanging in your window.

Heather Wade says:

You aren’t installing it right.

Isaiah the Smoker says:

i have an Arctic Air and it works well in my camper that i live in.

Isaiah the Smoker says:

i have an Arctic Air and it works well in my camper that i live in.

DJ Ash says:

Portable air conditioner pure Garbage

Bonnie Weiss says:

Many older high rise apartment buildings are banning the traditional type of window mounted air conditioners due to insurance risks. The portable is a reasonable alternative to supply cool air under these circumstances.

Sofia Engvall says:

"A traditional window unit"? I've never heard of such a one, will google, but maybe you shouldn't assume pre-knowledge when you put stuff on the net 🙂

tkell31 says:

Funny, was looking for an AC unit and settled for a cheap Frig. window unit figuring if it doesn't work out I will spring for the portable one. Looks like I made the right call. And now through the power of AI suddenly videos of AC units are showing up in my feed.

Peter Pelletier says:

Would insulating the hose help keep the added heat from returning to the room? Seems like it would be worth the effort.

Damalia Marsi says:

I don't like this channel because it forces me to exceed my 15 second attention span and actually watch because it is actually interesting. I am forced to thumbs up and subscribe. You sir are forcing my me to pay more for food to feed all the neurons you are helping, nay forcing my brain to create. Damn you sir damn you…and thank you!

Peace Out Art says:

I’m a fool (I own one of those portables) 😬🫥 it’s a beast – and not in a good way.
I’ve always hated it. Like he mentioned in the video, the hose DOES emit heat – defeating the purpose of an AC.

It’s real frustrating trying to join the hose to the flimsy plastic window attachment. The weight of the hose pulls and detaches at the window, and leaves openings so outdoor heat seeps in. You’ll need lots of tape.

The unit can’t sit close to the wall or window because the hose is big & bulky and pulls down on it. If it’s too close it forces it to buckle around the window, allowing openings for outside air to come in. It’s noisy, bulky, takes up about a 4×4 foot section of my room (easily).

My husband stays away from me on the day I install it because I end up so distressed over the installation process. It’s a real chore. You need duct tape and rocks to hold the window attachment in place. I also tape bubble mailer envelopes across it to help cover openings and add insulation. Otherwise heat and humidity aren’t the only things to creep in, but bugs find those openings too.

If you’re considering getting one of these you’ve probably never had one. My advice: don’t. Save yourself a lot of grief. Just don’t.

Bichael Stevens says:

Air conditioners are just fridges with fans

Ray says:

Terrific and understandable explanation! I'm impressed.

robert Richardson says:

I live in condos where we can’t have window units. 😔

Endless Money Pits says:

I love this channel. Watched this video twice lmao. The dishwasher one is one of my favorites.

William Bang says:

Does lowering the temp settings cause more energy usage with these portable units ?

Matthew Combs says:

Wow… honestly fascinating

G Mc Innis says:

I HAD ONE 9000 btu's … too bad after running all night… it was still 80 in my room when the outside temp was 78* or less as it was just sucking in outside air to blow its own air conditioned air out the window vent…. waste waste waste. never ever again. thankfully after a few years it gave up and i made the window unit fit the old crank open windows requiring breaking the glass and cutting out the metal and making the window above it smaller. stand made out of 4×4 posts cemented into the ground and a little shelter over the a/c so it will be out of the weather. screen door material to keep the gd bugs out of the ac.

Al Johnson says:

unless you live in a rv and basement air is pulling in outside air and cooling it. We have two portable units and our basement air which keeps it below 80 inside while 115 outside.

Wolf and Angel says:

Could u make a video where you modify a monoblock to have two hoses? on how efficient it is

Jamie Lombardo says:

I think perhaps your 90% correct but here's where I see from my refrigerant training in college as mistake starting with the compressor you have high compressed liquid then goes through your expansion valve into the evaporator and that's the cold side it exits the evaporator and goes through the condenser and then goes back into the pump four different individual stages for the refrigerant going around the circuit make the refrigerant remove heat

Gordon Quickstad says:

My portable cooled one large room 1 deg. F. I took it back. The window unit I replaced it with is wonderful.

Stamp My Art says:

Excellent information, well explained, interesting and super helpful. Thank you!

SentientParadox says:

I have several AC's you can use as visual aids if you just come get them off my hands. 🤣🤣🤣

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