Power Tool Storage On A Budget – Cheap And Easy DIY

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Getting the workshop organized with 10 scrap wood power tool organizers.
Organization is key to maximizing your space in a small woodworking workshop.

I designed these 10 power tool storage units on the fly to be cheap, easy, and quick to make but are still compact with easy access.


Bjarne Willumsen
Steve Cimorelli
Patric Maher
Heino Colyn

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Ross Gebert says:

GREAT episode, now I have lots of new ideas. THANK-YOU.

Justin H says:

The man has more in his scrap pile then I do in total! another great video

Nathan Delahunty says:

I went with a slightly different way in that I tried to get the accessories with the tool. Ie sandpaper with the orbital. Router bits with the router etc

Jaraxel says:

great video, I'm honestly aspiring to do something similar but haven't had the prioirity to (I'm not even weekend, more like month end woodworker 😀 ). Please keep these coming!

Kubiszonisko says:

Really nice, definitely will be helpful as soon as I will build my own cleat wall

Doug Heinen says:

Great storage solutions mate!

Jesse Strawbridge says:

Usefully examples

Cindy Harrison says:

Thanks for sharing 👍 I've learnt a lot from you today

patricia U says:

It’s great

Jim L says:

Very nicely done. Great to watch and learn. Definitely inspiring to build and organize. Thanks

r. a. beaudet says:

I remember an earlier video for your french cleat wall where you had a complicated spring-release mechanism for locking the cleats in place. I like the simplicity here of just using a small screw to keep the cleat from pulling away from the wall.

Faulty Logic Woodworking says:

Great designs that I am going to mimic in my own shop. I am grateful for your explanations about not only what you are doing, but why. That is such a great help to me!

Alan Strathern says:

Great ideas and I think I will try some myself. For me personally I would adjust the ideas to store the consumables also, eg, spare sanding discs stored with the orbital sander.

Mohamad Zaki Mustapha says:

That’s the best

Steve Monk says:

Ingenious as always Jean, love you channel.

Karel Rode says:

Puik idees. Werk baie goed.

leon strauss says:

good stuff !!

Just Mark says:

I've always loved your vids but this one is probably my favourite. Power tool storage has always been my most frustrating thing in the workshop, i will be using some of these ideas for sure!!

singhivan says:

Another great video with brilliant content and ideas from you. Good job on all the holders. They turned out great.

Peter Lisyak says:

John, the fact is that a workshop continually evolves, what works now may not in the future, it doesn't matter what others think, it's all about what works for you now.

YackBuilt says:

An option for the jig saw and nail guns is also PVC pipe. I used it for my nail guns the same as for my drills, the jig saw I hung upside down with the base plate sliding into the pipe. Just an idea.

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