Principles of Refrigeration

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Federal Security Agency
U.S. Office of Education
Division of Visual Aids

Principles of Refrigeration

The principles of refrigeration explained.


UOttawaScotty says:

Old School instrustion is the best because it was done at a time when humans still had the ability to communicate effectively without bouncing all over the place. This is a good example of a clear and concise explanation.

sahartechnical says:

oldy goldy , we are in the same cooling industry, check out our channel and subscribe

Samuel Obeng-Boateng says:

Wow…..this video is very insightful. I'm in love with refrigeration now!

Talha Athar says:

An excellent presentation leccture for new Learner

james tomlin says:

is this training on DVD somewhere?

james tomlin says:

this voice over do kind of sounds like morgan freeman (some) 😁

shabbir shaikh says:

i have dought
while deschrge from compressor refrgrnt is converted into liquid and dis liquid absorbs heat from things wat v r kept in an refrigerator and after dat dis refreigernt is converted to gas state befire entring to suction of compressor
dought is dat
if der is nothing in refrigerator i,e nothing to cool den how refreigernt change its stae from liquid to gas ??

Björn Rydholm says:

Finally a decent explanation of absorbtion chillers.

Jim Martin says:

What is a pykrete cold storage vessel?

Narayana K says:

greate explanation from the basis point.. Thanks for sharing

Humphrey Sambo says:

thanks, for getting back to A/C basics (all natural)

KidsPlanet says:

Really interesting

RonJohn63 says:

The Federal Security Agency is making refrigeration training films????

veganath says:

Wow this is dated – 1944 – excellent info thx

John Titor says:

This video is COOL. 😉

Prateep Goel says:

it is good for student and use to understand the basic information about refrigeration

Dhanya Hari says:

Very good explanation for skilled and unskilled people, pls upload more like this

siva gurunathan says:

a better way to understand for students

mohammed jameel says:


telosfd says:

 This is the TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Postove says:

The great thing about the free market is that I don't have to know a damn thing about this!

Faisal Al-Olayyan says:

Thank you very much!

VLAD says:

Respect to old school. 

Sunny says:

hell yes refrigeration!!!!!!!!! 

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