Professional Porsche Fabricator Shares Tips to Fix Warped Sheet Metal – TIG Welding Tips & Tricks

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Our Friends from @Crucible Coachworks stopped by to show us the BEST way to reduce or eliminate warping on sheet metal!



ITEM # 33920
✅ Operates on either 110vAC, 15-amp circuit or 220vAC, 30-amp circuit.
✅ 1/4″-thick welding capacity on 220VAC.
✅ High-frequency start for precise arc control.
✅ Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.
✅ Flex Head WP-17-type torch accepts common cups and collets with up to 1/8″ electrodes.
✅ Gas lens kit will greatly improve your fabrication skills.
✅ Rocker Style foot pedal with machine mounted controls to improve your precision.
✅ Flow Meter Gauge for improved gas flow control with quick, repeatable flow adjustment.
✅ TIG Welding AC Duty Cycle (%): 120VAC 60% at 145 amps, 220VAC 60% at 190 amps)
✅ Stick Welding Feature – welds in AC and DC Positive/Negative.
✅ Includes long torch and ground cables so you can easily move around your project.
✅ Backed by Eastwood’s no-hassle return policy and 3-year warranty.


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Wtf Ftw says:

I am spending a lot of time on my El Camino hood..
Closing an old Compressor hole in it and recreating the original shape.
Not is owing to plenty warping..
Took me several days but seems like it's working out 😅

Pete McWade says:

Looks like you mostly hammered and dollied the welded area vs hammering the other parts of the panel. So basically I want to hammer and stretch the welded area and not stretch the good metal that is warped out of shape.

eric mikkelsen says:

I've always wondered how to position the dolly behind the hammer. In this video one can see the process from the side which is revealing!

shane stuart says:

Where is the professional Porsche fabricator? Is this kid getting paid for these videos?

Bruce Lee says:

Fitzee fabrication could do it with his eyes closed

Giovanni Thompson says:

Any recommendations for parameters? Amperage, shield gas flow. I've done a lot of pipe welding but very little sheet metal. The warping is a bit unnerving.

John Whltson says:

After you spot welded, your panel was already warped. Try watching Bad Chad for warp free panels. Hammer and dolly is waste of time

Bryan Padilla says:

Not trying to be a. Nay sayer or hater but I feel like this completely wrong way of expressing this problem. Do it on a large. Side panel that you can't lay flat on a table and hammer it out. Why not just get a. A complete new sheet metal piece ……. Not a shop owner professional but I have built many many many cars and I do all my own body/ metal work

Roddy Da says:

I thought it was better to grind the welds before using hammer and dolly?

889976889 says:

Something that thin why bother using filler ? Fusing something thin would be perfectly fine for the applications it’s intended for.

Andy Millington says:

Surely you should be using your "skills" to show how to weld with no distortion, especially when Tig welding.

Chris Hanna says:

Ryan’s the best! Would love to see more featured content from him.

Andy B says:

Nice presentation Ryan, good job showing and explaining what happens and how to repair the warp. Thank you.

Crucible Coachworks says:

Thanks for having us! Come check out our channel for more fabrication content! 🤙

حمزه جواد says:

Nice tools.good job man.

Howard Ganzer says:

I need help with a welder need on bad please please please please help me out please 🙏

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