Quickly Make a Sheet Metal Plenum at the Job Site! Measure, Cut, Bend, Seal, Mount!

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In this HVAC Training Video, I show How to Make a Sheet Metal Plenum in the Field! I Bend the Metal Cross Brakes and 90’s with a piece of Plywood! I Show the Measurements, Cuts, and Each Bend Step by Step. Supervision is needed by a licensed HVACR Tech while performing tasks as Experience and Apprenticeship garners Wisdom and Safety.

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Hello, thanks for the video. wondering where you get the big sheet metal. Lowes or home depot only have smaller sheets that are fairly expensive.

Jason Taylor says:

You ruined your gloves with the mastic!

Richard Tuholsky says:

Let’s go brandon 🍦🍦🍦👍🏿

Dexenation Gracey says:

Even though there's definitely some tech heavy videos on the channel (which are definitely helpful for knowing the terminology) I really like how practical the channel is overall.

Matthew York says:

I have to make a field set or plenum every 9 years. I just have never seen one that looks like a true professional did it. Building it with panels and/or S locks have always amateurish to me. A plenum made by a professional fab shop will always look superior, imo. Beading vs cross breaking, true pittsburgh's etc. I measure every job, and we show up with a plenums and/or duct that fits like a glove, because it was planned that way. It has always seemed to me the field ones were a couple notches, at best, better than a handy homeowner. We even do canvas connectors on 4/5 ton systems.

R Dale Evans says:

Field Expedient Plenum. Good Video

Teklesenbet Gebreamlak says:

Great video thanks you are great teacher with detailed

A vines says:

This video just saved me thousands in startup cost.

Raymundo Velasco says:

Is aluminum foil is not 26 ga metal

Andrew Masto says:

NIce! I'm a homeowner – not a pro. I have a Malco brake but it's often easier and faster to fold up parts as you've showed rather than bother to set up the brake; the folding goes pretty fast and the results are slick.

Oscar Gonzalez says:

Can you do a platinum supply coming off a furnace but that’s slanted and not aligned properly. / / kind of like that and also I’ve seen this one a lot / |

Lance Rudy says:

Well done. You cover every thing. Thanks

LugNuts says:

Excellent video. I like how you show us how to get the job done without the fancy shop equipments.

Martin P says:

Thumbs Way Up!

That Mex says:

Can this be used as a return 🤔?

Lance Rudy says:

Please have more of this type of video. THANKS.

Benjamin Kottenstette says:

Enjoy your realistic field work. Been this for some time now. Very accurate and helpful to many getting into the trades. Also setting a fine example wirh gloves and eye protection. Keep up with excelent videos.
Next time double ogee offset. Just kidding.
Perhaps field miter offsets with formula

Daniel Hines says:

Where do you get the fold into from

Matthew Pham says:

You made it look so easy. Well done and very clear instructions. Thanks for a very informative video. Will watch more of your video.

Quang Nguyen says:

Perfect u made it easy. For the top u think it’s better if u flip the cross break other way cause air blow into it? I know it’s not look conventional but it’s stronger against the wind.

Bob Rosa says:

Is that 26 gauge?

Pat Madix says:

Nice job . Great tutorial

Gary says:

13:22 – You skipped the part where you cleaned the mastic off your gloves. Got any tips?

James Demos says:

Can you do a transition plenum with dissimilar dimensions?

OthmanEmpire says:

Thanks for the video =)

Elias Garcia says:

Great video man! I am currently working on a duct project as an HVAC contractor and this really showed me how easy it is and gave me good encouragement for tomorrow!


Great job . Do you know how to make the Pittsburgh lock by hand?

Herbert4MVP says:

I usually use the door jams and frames to bend

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