Real shot cold welding machine welding various objects!

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In the video, the cold welder welds various shapes of objects, introduces the various functions of the cold welder and the working principle of the cold welder, and the various operations of the extremely cold welder.


James and a lot of games says:

What kind of editing have you done

Joseph Martin says:

It annoys me everytime the narrator says, "worstwordworm"

Bathinda Helper बठिंडा हेल्पर says:

From where to get this and for how much?

Darrell Clark says:

Where do I get one?🤙

Mohan Raman says:

How to buy this welding machine

Badi O Jamal says:

does this machine need any type of gas?

Marcos Arruda says:

Tem a venda no Brasil qual modelo quanto custa onde tirar mais informações

Mauro Souza says:

Não vejo a maquina

Change Word says:

very good favrecation

BigO Basement Prod. says:

Looks great for auto body repair but anything requiring tensile strength not so much.

Arturo Cantualla says:

Where can i find this exact cold weld pen?

Олео .Мак says:

Це зварювання алюмінію?

Morgan Weller says:

How the fuck is this cold welding it's just tig pulse you're putting heat in sssooo nope not cold welding it's done under pressure not with a Tig rig lol

Trabalhador Sempre says:

Onde compro esta ferramenta

global pioneer says:

Just buy a welder and weld it.

андрей васильев says:

Как называется такой сварочный аппарат?

Бизнес По русски says:

Нормально ,мне ещё долго до этого идти

Dre Allman says:

0:38 eewwwww

José Bispo says:

Moro no Brasil
Aonde comprar?

Олег Широв says:

Ценник где…

Robson Andre says:

Isso É fake já procurei que só a porra pra comprar e até agora não achei kkkkkkkk

Enki Jeronimo says:

Que tipo de soldadura es esta

jimandjackandhank says:

Looks pretty but not worth a crap

jimandjackandhank says:

Chinese junk, no penetration and won't last long

MUCKFOOT - says:

this is a good explanation
of how stuff is made in china

Pedro Rodrigues da silva silva says:

Tem no. Mercado essa. Máquina. ?? A. Venda???

Tu, porém, fala o que convém à sã doutrina says:

Que maquina é esta

Robert Bryan says:

Hellro…I break with my hands no…???

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