Refrigeration Cycle 101

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Refrigeration Cycle 101 covers the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration circuit and illustrates it in simple terms. Hosted by Bryan Orr.

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Brian Scowcroft says:

Straight to the point. Not a waste of time at all…will have to watch again and take notes lol

Erice Redding says:

This was helpful. This is my first week in HVAC school

buddyfaya 86 says:

You are saving my life in class. 😂 😂

Utpal Barman says:

My India home

Utpal Barman says:

Hindi video

Utpal Barman says:

Hello good job

John Hill says:

Quick question, and this may be a dumb one but why would you want to compress the coolant in the first place to heat it up. If the objection is to cool why would you intentionally heat it up. I'm a GC in the commercial space and I'm fascinated with mechanical work

Md Rehan Musa Khan says:

Thanks You Very Very Much Sir It is very helpful For Me Now I understand All Doubt Clear ❤️

Privacy Valued says:

Very nice 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Robert Acree says:

Thank you B. My boss told me today I needed to go back to basics. Otherwise I was just filter changer

Mark Mercedes says:

I promise to study hard to be a hvac technician because I’m tired of working at chipotle!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty Fly says:

I’m new to your videos! Thanks so much!

Will Krilly says:

Love the informative videos and the podcast you got. You should add a link on all your YouTube videos for the podcast. I would have been listening a long time ago had I known. I am a balancer and I’m currently working towards my NEBB cert and the info you have provided is really helpful thanks !

isma joseph says:

I'm a hvac mechanic and this is the video I send to someone who wanna know how refrigeration system work! Great explanation

Joey Bronola says:

Great Content Sir. I can't thank you enough, I'll just subscribe and like your contents. I am starting a career as a Facility Engineer and your deep explanation of HVAC Systems in this video among other contents helps me a lot. Kudos.

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