Refrigeration Cycle! animation

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This video describes,
refrigeration cycle components,
refrigeration cycle Basics,
refrigeration cycle how it works,
refrigeration cycle animation,
refrigeration cycle working,
refrigeration cycle diagram,


Engr.Anisur Rahman says:

This is very practical animation ♥️

Basit chemicals says:

Explained very well thank you sir

Dth TV says:

Explains very simply !!! Best !

Abbas Hamed says:

thank you to your effort

Mandy Chagonda says:

Thank you for this tutorial, it was really helpful

pj suriya edits says:


Geoffrey Williams says:

well done most informative . .

Sanjeev Kumar says:

Why we compress the refrigerant .

Sanjeev Kumar says:

U started the cycle with vapour where as refrigerant comes in liquid how liquid get converted in
vapour when we running first time .

Akshita singh says:

This is a very simple and good explanation of refrigeration cycle. Really appreciate the use of animations. ❤️

Basic Knowledge says:

what is refrigerant

Omkar Suryawanshi says:

High pressure means what superheated vapours or what…?

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