Refrigeration Cycle Introduction

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Organized by textbook:
Explains each step in a refrigeration cycle and the energy balance for each step. The process is shown in a pressure-enthalpy diagram. An interactive simulation that also demonstrates the behavior is available at
Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering.
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vibre123 says:

suckiest explaination ever.

Abdul Rehman Khan says:

Where does the heat goes when expanding the gas in throttle vale

Akademik Tercüme says:

This is the ultimate summary of the overall subject on the internet or anywhere.

Siddharth Asthana says:

Very nice explainations sir👍

Basit Nazir says:

don't get me wrong but you have to improve your explaining ability

Kade Kevin says:

why did we compress the vapor at the stage 2?

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