Refrigeration: How to do a Refrigeration Pump Down in a Supermarket Racks

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Refrigeration: How I Pump Down a Refrigeration System Fast on a Rack.
This is the way I pump down a refrigeration system fast when time is of a essence.
How to do a refrigeration pump down in a supermarket racks



Luis Chavez says:

Nice new subscriber here thanks for sharing 👍

efr efr says:

Que hermosura, lo podés subtitular al español? Re contra agradecido!

Peter Kelsall says:

Awesome video. Would be nice if you added in pulling the alarms for temp (case alarm Hi) for the circuit you are working on.

hg2 says:

Interesting, but too loosey-goosey for beginners, although it starts out being beginner friendly.

Bottom line: if you can understand this you probably don't need to watch it.

Mario Cervantes says:

You pumped down a circuit, not the entire rack system. This is great video either way 👍, thanks.

Steezy Bee Official says:

What’s that solenoid tool?

metal gear says:

Where do you get that thing you put by the solenoid where it spins when it has power

Erik Nunez says:

I love how we are just left to assume you pulled a vacuum after working on the olive bar case 😛 hahahaha

D. Uwins says:

Is there no king valve on the receiver?


love ur videos thank you for sharing

HVACR Survival says:

New sub! Thanks for the video!

Carlos says:

You just got a new sub!!!!!

mybeachshack says:

Helpful to a point….. You blaze through the Override process like like we all been there, done that…. no, that's why we're watching your video. Slow down some, pretty please. Thank you for posting.

Flynn Nixon says:

Where is the pumped down refrigeration stored? Liquid receiver?

D2D NY Real World HVAC Simplified says:

Where can I find that solenoid valve coil test tool?🤔 please share!

D2D NY Real World HVAC Simplified says:

What is going on nice video 👍👍..

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