Refrigeration without Electricity

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Researchers at the University of Dayton are working on a refrigerator that can cool without electricity. The project was started by students in UD’s ETHOS program. The solar-thermal adsorptive refrigeration (STAR) system uses inexpensive, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials to provide cooling for vaccines.

The research is supported by the STEM Catalyst Initiative which was created to invest in and support faculty and student STEM research at the University of Dayton.


Vincent Wu says:

After heating the carbon bed, where does the ethanol vapor condense? And where is the power required to recondense the vapor coming from?


inhaling ethanol is dangerous lol

AutoNomades says:

Do i understand well that the carbon is "outside", or it is encapsulated in some ways ?
Thanks : )

Timothy Scott says:

Tell us something useful. Do you think only third-world nations need non-electric cooling systems?

John Holmes says:

Good job. Pretending to promote a thing while actually suppressing it.

Genghis Chuan says:

why do these videos have to be 98% virtue signal and 2% the science folks came here for? If you are wondering why folks dislike this its because of that

KONGNO2000 says:

………===[[[[ thank you very much for uploading this video ]]]]===…..

=======[[[[[[ thumbs up ! ! !…]]]]]]=======……..

S J 2 says:

I wonder how cold this thing can get 🤔

Norman Welch says:

Amazing, I hope that this is being implemented.

Iamlamet Jeslyn says:

That’s coming to the Divided States Of America Soon Enough then all these other countries that we went to help when we need it right I seriously doubt that they would

ishaaq mohamed says:

let's do this..👍

ThatFeeble-MindedBoy says:

So at what point is heat removed from the air, if that is supposed to be the end product? I must have missed something….


How they plan to create the vaccum ? Does anyone notice

Composta Australia says:

Can I get plans for this system?

pratik Suryavanshi says:

Can you please provide us ur contact where we can reach you for the help

pratik Suryavanshi says:

Sir me and my friends are also working on similar project for B.E degree project

pratik Suryavanshi says:

Sir this is a very good Idea for many villages in India

Whack Stone says:

Well where the fuck are they gonna get ethanol?

José Maia says:

is it all in the same pipe?

Mike K says:

This sounds sort of like RV ammonia refrigerators, except the heat source is typically a propane flame, or electric heat coil. Great project!

Solar Cooking says:

I'm interested in this for the use of water collecting (de-humidification) without electricity. I like the non-toxic aspect of being able to use denatured alcohol and the solar concentrator.

me says:

The part where this fails… Is him using solar to power it.. kinda bad engineering.

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