Refrigerator working – The Basics

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Working of a Refrigerator and refrigeration principle behind it is explained with help of animation in a logical way in this video. Concept of Vapor compression cycle, throttling & C.O.P, use of evaporator, condenser and compressor are also well explained in this video.

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sherif nabil says:

I graduated as a chemical engineer and worked for many years but this is the best explanation of the refrigeration cycle I have ever heard in my entire life

Patrick Kun says:

Karena mergone Bu Ribut ( )

Navdeep Dhiman says:

Can anybody tell me, how expansion valve decrease the pressure and temperature of liquid refrigerant upto -20'C , because I didn't understand how temperature decrease without any heat loss

ᴍʀ ROKI ᴄʀ7 says:

I'm watching the video after 8 year

Logan Westberg says:

Well then you better go catch it

Sai raksha says:

The best explanation can say, i was scratching my head to understand this from a long time, but he did it awesome and cleared in such a small amount of time 😊

Rezznafian says:

yang kesini gara gara tugas ketik 1

Phych0path हिन्दी says:

That's great Thanks

easy-peasy says:

God bless you

M Fatir akbar says:

Ga ngerti gw bahasanya woii

Success thought by nk says:

Nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Venu Madhava Reddy Ambavaram says:

Can't believe really a good video about refrigeration in 4 mins

What’s the meaning? says:

Found this video after a refrigerator lore meme lmao

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