Replacing a 10 ton Commerical HVAC System – Part 2

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We are back at the 10 ton commercial changeout job to replace the condensing unit. Getting rid of the old Rheem and going in with a new Trane. In this video I show how I braze in the refrigerant lines, pressure test, and pull a proper vacuum to get this machine ready for start up. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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brnmcc01 says:

@11:35 Thank you! Nobody ever does this, and every rooftop 3 phase unit I've ever come across it's still set to the factory 230v terminal, and I wonder why I'm only getting 22 volts at the thermostat, lol! Just one of my many pet peeves.

ACTech Chris says:

Why did you choose to braze rather than use the RLS crimping system? Only asking since a lot of your recent videos are sponsored by them.

Sean Riley says:

The factory dryer you pointed out might be a trane muffler?

Matthew Pringle says:

Trane also has drip trays that you can install in between the filter and the coil to prevent water falling from the middle of the evaporator.

Matthew Pringle says:

You are missing your service valves.

Red Dye says:

Poison Ivy by ur leg

B-rad says:

Got that Gordon Lightfoot going…nice

K Castellano says:

Nice work, but y didn't you flush the lineset with RX11 or other ???

xzibit8614 says:

Was the old unit R-22? And that condenser is way too close to the wall.

Vicente Valdez says:

Hey I was wondering if you have a link to that nitrogen regulator

Bill Borglund says:

Show those tool bags clicking onto those pack outs. Cool set up

Alexander Reinke says:

Great video brother!🤝

Malcolm White says:

Love the videos. But come on at least use safety glasses. That how I brazed in 1996. Lol. Gotta show these new kids they must have proper PPE.

Pedro Sempler says:

Where I can get shirts and hats similar to the one you ware?

Bearded Beta says:

Man. You should use zoom lock. Safer and faster.

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