Replacing Condenser Struck By Lightning ⚡️

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In this video I returned to the condenser that was damaged by lightning, and replaced it. #hvacguy #hvactechnician #hvac #hvactech #fieldpiece #hvacinstall #hvacinstallation

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HVAC GUY says:

First attempt at this video got a copyright strike. So, this is my second try. Keep your fingers crossed

Phillip Joy says:

I always have trouble with my 3/8 copper splitting also.good videos 😜

Billy says:

Is there a factory drier in that unit?

Eddy says:

Good install … Thx …

mimelio says:

Lets hope that lightning doesn't strike twice….

joseph boehm says:

I guess you are saying you should have stripped the jacket from the romex?

Daniel Tsang says:

Blown fuse, but didn't see the mold on the blower sticker. That blower wheel probably caked with mold.

A new utility knife blade would cut that tube insulation like butter. Ripping it with your finger is the worse possible way to split insulation.

DGTelevsionNetwork says:

I'd keep the unit just as a modern art piece. That shit is one in a million

Raul Meza says:

Can u sell me the top with the fan motor from that trane u got thier??

Tim USA says:

You should always aneal the copper before you swage .this softens the copper just enough to keep it from splitting or having hairline cracks that can cause leaks . No judgement just tips / info Cool video 👍🇺🇸

ICON says:

Why do you pressure test? I mean if it wont pull down to 300 micron or less etc, you know it is leaking. I don't waste my time unless my vacuum gauge is acting funny or doesn't hold.

I mean if it pulls down to under 300 micron it's 100% sealed. I haven't seen one yet to go that low 300 micron or less and leak or rise much at all when valved off.

You just wasting nitrogen unless you're trying to find a confirmed known leak….

Just trying to save ya time and money.

Stanley Roberts says:

Why didnt u add a suction drier or a liquid drier??

Kring Krong says:

Get some spin bits, for swaging.

tommy 554 says:

I really like ICP never seen a serious issue if you install a good coil to combo with it

Wayne Guy says:

There should be a law that the unit needs to sit on concrete

garvin harrison says:

Hey.. Quick tip.. Always release the refrigerant from the Liquid line so it enters the evaporator first before returning to the suction line then the compressor.

Ricky32908 says:

Please please tell me you charged for that surge protector? This is literally the best selling point to make to sell one, once something has been fried by lightning, surge protectors sells themselves! And the commission damn, mine was 20% of $350. like $70 plus the commission on a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM you missed out on, you just left all that mold in her AH. Did you even check the coil? Leaving money on the table man.

Ricardo Ramirez says:

Out here in california we have to use UV tape on the insulation for the suction line

Christopher Roquemore says:

Have their been increased reports of condenser thefts in your area? With the price of everything including copper way up.

michael hediger says:

I would use romex also

John Walker says:

Hell yeah Curtis, Good job.

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