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I explain the design and principles behind desiccant based air conditioning. This extremely efficient, DIY air conditioner is inexpensive to build and costs less than one half as much to run as a conventional, compressor based air conditioner.

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Stephen Day says:

sounds like it would be a great idea for many attics, especially the solar power heating option. Wouldn't need to have it circulate the whole house as much if you can introduce the cooling aspect to the top rooms in an efficient way (insulation to keep the temperature from the attic away from the top rooms, and introduce the cooled air to the top rooms without losing much of the cooling)

Zac Chapman says:

Not that they would help with efficiency, but I wonder if TECs could be used to pump heat from the evaporative coolers to the desiccant heater and cut back on the water consumed at the cost of extra power. Perhaps coupled with the heat generated from the solar would help increase the temperature of the desiccant heater.
Alternatively, perhaps using electrolysis to create small quantities of hydrogen gas and burning that stoichiometric mix for the heater would make this an only water and electricity powered cooler.

Carlton Thomas says:

Very cool but too complex.

Silva says:

Wait, so the desiccant also has flow? If so, and you're using salt water as a desiccant, doesn't that mean you have more maintenance in the pipes due to the salt piling up in there?


So if it's evaporation mathode it mean water will consumed in operation ??

Ains Mas says:

Oh shit I’m on this part of YouTube again

James Kennedy says:

What would be nice if you were to build a full scale working model for your home and show exactly the how's, why's, and why not's of this AC Unit as it's running and Cooling or Heating your home. Would you do this? I've re-watched this Video again because of the research of Stirling Heat Engines and the production of Electrical Power using Sound Waves to produce Cooling. Again, thanks for the upload.

Think Box says:

A solar concentrator on the radiator and shaded pond or area where the evaporative culture is not exposed to the sun.

Frostacious says:

At 18:10 do those radiators work of there placed outside or already in a warm room. Let's say the rooms temp is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The fans cause evaporation when then causes higher humidity in the room. Which would in turn make the system run harder too be able too cool the room off and keep it from turning into a cool swamp or am I way off? Or does the system take away enough moisture from the air and in facts cools without actually making it a humid swap effect?

Unruly Soldier says:

Walter White I Love You. You the man.

Rctrail@ction says:

Far from revolutionary, air coolers have been around for many decades.

Crobertg10 says:

Hi, i live in the desert of San Bernardino ca, and you wouldn't imagine what a few degrees would mean to me in my container, how can I go about building one of these, I do have ac but with gas prices I try not to run my generator too long so it's a very hard choice as you can imagine. Thank you for this, gives me hope at least lol and that's something right?

Davie C says:

17:10 … what is the name of the german company ? thank you.

Reginald Barclay says:

2:49 oh the days when 10 feet of 4" schedule 40 PVC was only $21! Same thing is now $38 at Lowe's. Hate to think what it'll be in a few months… yay for collapsing empires!!!

Fanni Kaczy says:

If i understood the phisics of it … I would totally build it!!
Too bad im stupid!

JIF says:

Very cool, no pun intended…

Andy Gee says:

Pre-charging the evaporators for 30 minutes, for a short term 50% reduction in efficiency is where the cracks began to show for me. This followed by a description of incorrect fans and overpowered pumps solidified my skepticism of this obviously passionate development. At least for me to look at this again I would need to see a larger scale, more more robust trial period, over several hours.

GlitchyFrog says:

Do you mind if I build one for myself? Sounds like a good system :3 I am flashed!

Mikael Andersson says:

What if that first cooling tower used salt solution to avoid damp air, then remove water from the solution by reverse osmosis.
Would that possibly work, be more efficient and make for a much less complex machine?

BBQDad463 says:

Awesome! Makes me want to build one!

No Info Needed says:

So you're telling me to build my own AC. Dope.

baibhav says:

I was thinking may be we could use the inability of air to hold moisture at low temperatures to control the humidity and by introducing an indirect way to transfer heat from the air to the evaporative section.

IamIUareU says:

summer is coming, i want an update of this project 😉

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