rust hole sheet metal fabrication l ford mustang

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this video is how to repair a rust hole and fabricate sheet metal for a door with compound bends all done in pieces. to get the right shape. I use a pie cutting method to form the metal and weld up the seams
here is a video of the mustang done for those of you who want to talk crap.


Tax Slave says:

Quick and informative video, thanks.

2000jago says:

I love this notion that you're not allowed to critique someone else's work unless you can do better yourself. LOL. That's like saying I can't call Justin Biebers music shit unless I've sold a million albums myself… what bizarre logic.

Gary Renda says:

Worst repair I've ever seen….. I would rather pay for a professional repair

Black Enigma says:

i think that everyone is different and what you do is what works best for you in different situations so those who like to knit pick, he fixed very nicely and once he puts some body filler over it, it’s fine! i mean with so many not even doing metal work, but with prices being so high for parts, i think we all should start trying to fix what we have🤷🏿‍♂️

Gary's garage. says:

It hurts my spleen when I find old repair work like this on a project. I have to cut all that crap out and do it correctly with no factory bends or lines for a reference. Something it's so bad the panel isn't worth saving anymore.

Nalaka Auto Restoration says:

Good, when it comes to D I Y

Osiel Lopez says:

I always wondered how that was done

Barclay de Tolly says:

Mike FN Artist.

Flemming Tobiasen says:

What the Hell is that? Please dont share shit like this 🙏

Aaron the Amateur says:

As long as the door shuts, and the rubber works… How many times have I thought that, drunk out of my mind.

Chris R says:

Hey I gotta say it looks great just keep taking your time an keep doing the good work it's 10x better then what it looked like just make her smooth an nice round edges an then take a 3000grip paper to her an baby it out an then your primer an what not a few times an sand it good a few times as well then your paint of course

Geoffrey Mills says:

If you drill a hole in the lower part it will drain the water and not rust out as fast

David Klein says:

Thanks for this! I have a similar sitch going on on my double cab doors…. I really really really don't want to just throw money at it and buy new doors. This is a great breakdown of the job.

Wild West Garage says:

I appreciate you taking the effort to make this video and I would like to give you some advice for the next time you do a job like this. The pie cuts you made on the second piece were not really necessary and added a lot of extra work. If you had first made the bend in the flat sheet up against the door skin and then hammered it over a dolly to stretch the flange and then force the rest of it into a curve. Then the top bend could be formed over an object with a similar radius by tapping it with a hammer. Or better still the first piece could have the flange formed on it by stretching to meet the second piece, easier to metal finish on an outside corner. Ounce you have the piece fitting nicely then add the corner piece off the door to get a better finish. I’ve made a few patches just the way you did this one but I’m always trying to figure out how to do things better. Keep the videos coming and please do check out my channel, I’m working on a 1950 Plymouth and posting some videos of the project.

Sethae says:

I just came from grinding a fender thinking how the hell I'm going to fix it. Now I know.

NTstudio28 says:

Bro!!! Niceville 🔥

Juan Cordova says:

That’s good mike. Where exactly did u get that rust spray.

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