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Produced by Fred Bretzke with CyberLink PowerDirector….with help from Sketchup….and various special thanks to those who created the fixtures and fittings. Check it out…and learn the CODE!


Patrick Arsenault says:

I agree with the ptrap, before intercepter, did a job with out a ptrap, passed inspection, had to go back later because odours would come back from the intercepter

fred bretzke says:

I can’t give all the answers in my videos, or else they won’t need to come to school, some are designed for tutorials, and some are stop and play questions that we answer in class.

entune85 says:

This would become a much better study aid if their were answers to go with it! 😀

fred bretzke says:

Something I always wondered about when I saw a trap for a triple compartment sink as well as a grease trap. In fact it is not double trapped, a grease trap can be allowed to serve as a trap for a sink when its developed length (max 1200 mm) in the National Code is not exceeded between the farthest fixture outlet pipe and the Grease trap seal. In this case the Grease trap seal (located on the right side of trap) is farther than 1200 mm, this necessitates the use of 2 traps.

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