Sheet Metal Calculator

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A Casio Calculator
To Calculate Sheet metal fabrication for Insulation
It has everything you need to calculate your template
and you can test it for free on your PC/MAC
Download link Casio Calculator:
Download link FA-124 freeware program:

Download link Formules:

Download link Portable fx-9860G SD:

02:15 Download and install Casio Emulator
05:45 Program 1
07:47 Portable Calculator fx9860G SD
12:27 FA-124 Programm
14:20 Programm 2
15:39 Programm 3
16:33 Programm 4
17:10 Programm 5
18:31 Programm 6
18:40 Programm 7
20:00 Programm 8
22:34 Programm9
25:34 Programm 10



Can you give your contact details?

Андрей Колдачев says:

Good afternoon. Looked at the calculator review. Do you need to download the programs and install them into the calculator, or are they there? I am from the Republic of Belarus, and I don’t know English. Excuse me

Raju Ahmed says:


Viseth Lao says:

could you please tell me the cost for programs

Redwane Redwane says:

سيدي من فظلك لاتنساني في الفيديوا الذي وعدتني عن تمويج قطعة صاج دائرية

MD Shah Paran says:

where r u from

aly sunny says:

hi, can anyone tell me how to fabricate blower casing, all I need is a bit of geometric guidance.

Abdullah Khan says:

What about mobile phone

Mojalefa Monare says:

where is the link to pdf download

Cesar Zavaleta Chininin says:

hello a favor I would like you to send me the monde del rayador to oider make me one this very interesting thanks

Zoran Kantar says:

Todore Imas li na holandski ili srpski jezik pozdrav Zoran nl

seraphin nde says:

Hi any chance to have it the imperial system?

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