Sheet Metal Fabrication 101

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Join me as I learn how to fabricate sheet metal for a big block modified!



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Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Great video!

Grumpy Grandpa says:

Very good and patient teacher.

tecno says:

Can you help me

tecno says:

I am a sheet metal worker I want to do work here

Feral Shornpoke says:

Mandy, you shouldn't be using that belt sander with your hair down–you run the risk of getting your scalp degloved.

Andrew Holladay says:

Typical apprentice.. you would never know! Oh trust me I know, been doing this a little longer…

Steve Nikitas says:

I think that a car would look cool made of unpainted sheet metal, with just the numbers and sponsors painted on.

Glenn P says:

PPE is a must in that environment. If your going to teach her, start with SAFETY…………

David Giles says:

I need help learning more about 4 links setups

Joe Smith says:

Everybody has already said it…but please tie your hair back, roll up your sleeves no loose clothing and safety glasses…you're to pretty of a girl !

A El faham says:

bad recording quality ,all i can hear is mumbling . but great content quality ,learned a lot.

Jim Brown says:

Good example of why it's not necessary to have 2 people in a video. Mandee [sic] is really just taking up screen space and serving no purpose whatsoever in this video. You guys should watch other videos like those of say Tractorman44 to see how to do decent videos. Plus what the others said about safety of working machinery with hair not in a net.

Ceylon Baila says:

good teacher and a dumb chick..

AN says:

oh my that hair was too close for comfort…

Oso Gutierrez says:

That's stupid have the hair like that especially on belts or motors running… really Dangerous…

Anja Guerard says:

wy have you not tied your hair up holy frig

Rob says:

The first thing you should have taught her is to wear safety glasses in a metal shop, and to keep loose hair/clothing away from machines…

justin baloh says:

that was rough to watch

Michael Ballone says:

SERIOUSLY!!! Here is a link for OSHA 10 HOUR safety Class. In all seriousness!!

If you going to take the time to record yourselves playing with sheet metal and equipment that will show absolutely NO MERCY to human flash!!


I had to watch this video for an assignment in my welding class. The assignment was to watch the video and give a brief paragraph of what I learned.

Well, I'll be honest folks: I didn't learn a Goddamn thing because of painful it was to watch you two carelessly play and giggle with sharp metal, High Rpm Belt Sanders – and her long blonde hair that literally would have been removed by the torque of that electric belt sander motor.

I'm honestly concerned for the safety and well being of you two. Make your videos, do what ever you want in the privacy of that dope ass shop that I wish I had the opportunity to work in.

I hope this gets the point across of how IMPORTANT SAFETY IS!!!!

…Sometimes I just assume that everyone has seen all the Maccabee and absolutely horrific work place related accidents, injury and loss of life incidents that are shown on these safety videos and endless amounts of uploads from people all over the world.

Wrapping up my homework assignment, I am giving BOTH OF YOU a HOMEWORK assignment to do of your own!!! I'll even say please!

I want both of you (in the video) to COMPLETE the OSHA 10 HOUR Training course before you step foot back inside that shop!!!

I'm totally being serious!! We probably have some people laughing and saying (yea, gfy dude)

It's just not very smart to make videos and upload them to the innerwebs for the masses to see (what if a potential customer saw this video)

If I was a customer of yours, and I saw this video,, Well, I wouldn't be your customer anymore!!

Lets say there was a completely "Freak Accident" and there was a hypothetical (accidental loss of life at the shop) just a scenario that helps get the point of how PARAMOUNT SAFETY IS!!!!!! — There would be an investigation by OSHA and the CSB (….something safety bureau)

If they determine the loss of life was due to the LACK OF PROPER TRAINING of workplace safety and USE of PPE – You can be held liable for that loss of life. (I'm not an insurance agent, I'm not going to call OSHA, but I am going to post this comment and submit the same text in this comment for my hw assignment. )

I will post a link to the OSHA 10 Site! please do it or Please stop making videos because your just reinforcing the already SHUNNED by decades of carelessness of safety – stigma that EXISTS every day in anything METAL< MACHINE < mechanical etc!!!

That is all.

Justin Evans says:

This could have been an awesome video, that guy seems like a true tradesman. Unfortunately this broad is beyond annoying and doesn't have a clue as to what is going on in the world around her. Does this guy have a channel?

Naheim Googolla says:

Mikes a hack you need a new teacher.

Yeah Right says:

This guy's teaching skills suck

Tom Ortman says:

Hate the Biden ads bye bye

JR Allen says:

Everything was frightening! No gloves, hair in the way, no safety glasses and I’m not impressed!

james musco says:

i really enjoy building dirt car bodies. i was part of a dirt team and raced at east windsor. i was mr. clean for the car at the track and the day after the race. cut the zip ties tight or you cut a hand or finger.

Rich Rinehart says:

Mike you forgot one of the most important items. A warm building with plenty of space and the most critical item that you cannot go racing without. A beautiful woman supporting you and even spending time in the shop with you. Lucky man!

Rich Rinehart says:

I have 30+ years on an brake for doing aluminum work on homes. I also spent some time building duct work for furnaces. I helped build a couple of race cars and my knowledge put me a step ahead. You did better than some guys I helped learn the trade. I can counter flash a chimney with ONE piece of aluminum.
Yep, I am puffing my chest out now. LOL

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