Sheet Metal Fabrication by Hand

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sheet metal fabrication by hand

Episode 87 Manic Mechanic

sheet metal fabrication by hand. We do metal shaping using a bench vice, body hammer, and dolly as well as angle iron. Our goal is a clean fabrication of the sheet metal torque box sheet metal on the 1965 Falcon Ranchero. We will be bending, the steel in our workshop. This is a lost art. We use simple metal shaping tools to do car body work. Slowly but surely we are working our way through the rust repair on Rusty the Ranchero

1960-65 Falcon floor pan: C2DZ-5911135R


Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Great prototyping by hand !!! we are a strong manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication in China, with high quality and competitive price. Rapid prototyping and batch produce.

Milton Evangelista says:

Cool . Home tools just what I wanted to see. Learn

Carlos Valentin says:

I own a 1968 ford fairlane fastback 390, I’ve been looking for a while driver side fender, any help is appreciated

Carlos Valentin says:

Lov your channel, from first to latest, keep it up, blessings to all

Sal Greco says:

Another outstanding video! Well done! I’m learning a lot.

O Acumulador says:

It's time to ask Wood for sponsorship…. Good work

william ford says:

If you had a brake, and a bead roller would come in reeeeel handy, I know where one is you may could borrow.

william ford says:

@ 11;33, why not cut both at the same time, that way you have the weld gap and a match cutline.

William says:

We all wish we had a Logan to do the ton of grinding, but it is all left up to yours truly. Alas and alack, time to get back to the grind. LOL Great job guys, see you on he other side.

Mike V. says:

Nice! What kind of seats are you going for?? I been looking for either bench or bucket, not sure, waiting on the transmission to be final. t5 or T56, not sure…

crosswits1 says:

Your cutting with a hand saw is a lot straighter than my attempt. Glad to see Logan involved in a project. It's almost like having a young Vinnie around, oh is he cam's replacement?

Jason Bastelli says:

👍👍 use a little thermal motivation in that metal project. A little heat from a torch goes a long way when you wanna get steel to do what you want it to do.

Don's Ranchero says:

Jeff, floor pan from below. It works. Brace moved up to B pillar door jam.

Jeff J says:

Funny, I just did this repair not long ago. I used a dryer door I snagged from scrap yard. Keep up the great work!

Guillermo Nieri says:

You are doing great. It is looking good. There is a lot of rusted metal to replace. Thank you.

cutworm59 says:

Loganhauler is coming around nicely. A mercy cut of the new floorpan will be needed. Behind the seat riser and north of the torque boxes. Cheers my Dears. Steve

OCG - Olde Carr Guy says:

I haven’t done much, but metal fabrication excites me! I mean interests me! Yeah! That’s it!

musclecar maniac says:

The joys of rust repair, cut something out to replace, find more to fix.

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