Sheet Metal fabrication: Cheat Bend (Valse Bocht NL)

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In this long video i show how to develop and make a Cheat Bend 90°
In deze video laat ik zien hoe je een valse bocht maakt



Hi ! Are you available for help?

rhic'z gar TV says:

Good job bro!,same my vlog about ducting,thankz po your sharing

Luke H says:

Please keep making more videos from a fellow engineer. You have good style 👷‍♂️

Edgar Eduardo Cristobal Bautista says:

Muy bueno good

Sergio Hosterno silva says:

Show de bola, parabens

Nasif Nasif says:

ممتاز فنان

Julhas Sujon says:

Sir y branch macking formula please

geminis ruiz says:

You need put the cámara more clóse

Marcin Ka says:

Hi Todor. Super Videos machst du. Kannst du wahrscheinlich irgend welche Tips / Tricks zeigen wie man messen kann. Z.b Kappen, Kisten.

vaping bird says:

nice to see someone spread knowledge!
I know this as rugge radius. We used it for cold insulation bends but we had the start and end with 45° and the middle as a straight but oval piece.

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