Sheet Metal Fabrication Clading & Piping, TEE Layout

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Sheet Metal Fabrication TEE on Equal developing and fabricate and fit


Freeman Parasiempre says:

Good job man . Like them gloves on
I have to wear the thick bulky ones from the company

romeo tambora says:

Sir can I request round why reducer

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Amigo buenas noches, saludos desde México, en qué calibre manejas la lámina galvanizada? Por tu respuesta muchas gracias.

Aquatta Domdren says:

mad respect, I wish our shop had half your tools and knowledge.

FR BYND says:

Where you buy the scribe you use to mark lines to start

Francisco Costa says:

Tem desenho dessa rodonas

Wagno Gomes Da Silva says:

Parabéns vc é um ótimo profissional

CDMT says:

Love your videos

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