Sheet Metal Fabrication Hacks | Build Anything with Basic, Affordable Tools

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Get the job done with the most basic tools.

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****Additional Description****
While Gas Metal Arc Welding (also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding or MIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (also known as GTAW or TIG) are ideal welding processes for thinner material, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (also known as SMAW or Stick Welding) can get the job done in a pinch.


Tristin DeVore says:

Great vids. Keep them going

Marshall Borges says:

Well, congrats on 100k – but at least have PPE on – such as gloves. Grinding sparks are hot and can trow you off balance if it burns your hands. If your grinder is not a paddle switch one can get seriously hurt. Safety first

Gaius Garage says:

Just got started welding barely two weeks ago! Watched so many of you videos which have been indispensable. so much great info shared clearly and concisely! best welding education content on youtube. 100k subscribers well deserved!!

The_Legend318 says:

Hey Tim, thanks for the tip on weldmetalonline, just picked up the dekopro and need some practice.

Another thing, I build similar shelves out of wood then use a french cleat system so I can move them around the shop. A fun project would be to try and build one out of metal.

Shamir Khan says:

Tim I'm trying to learn fabrication to start my own shop in order to build furniture items, windows and doors. What book would you recommend in order to learn and understand proper and technical fabrication methods in order to build items level all over and square. In addition I would like to understand how to work with angles (for projects such as railings), and technical skills such as how to properly notch pipe, RHS etc. Lastly I would like to learn about methods in order to bend sheet metals, and tubing without changing the diameter.

Ganesh Narayan says:

Yea Brother congrats.

Yevrah Hipstar says:

35 years experience…nice welds. Stick is always the cheapest, easiest process to use. Try those 13's on your AC/DC inverter; run 'em on AC, 70ish amps…

Rolando Mota says:

Keep up the great work you helped me out with your videos congratulations 🎉

Danny Comsa says:

When you did the "cut throughs" on the bend line – the question is why? Why cut through in areas?
Would it not be better to score the whole line then bend on the score?
That way you don't have the gaps, but have a thinner corner that would bend and it would fold against itself and almost disappear on the inside.

Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Congratulations, Tim! thanks for your share this, it can save much cost base on most basic tools. We are a strong manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication in China, with high quality and competitive price. Rapid prototyping and batch produce.

B. James Voorhies says:

What is the gauge of that steel sheet you were using? Great work!

Bala vaishnav says:

U deserve it it is the reward for motivating youngsters like us ur hard work paid off today

Bala vaishnav says:

U are just fantastic not even my college staffs taught me so throughly

HENRY ! says:

Really great stuff, always learn something useful! 👍

Guda Lawrence says:

Congrats , just subscribed. I’ve had a stick weld machine for years and have never used it myself so am taking lessons from you channel. So far so good I’ve welded two steel rebars together 😁✌🏾

Kevlar Shanahan says:

I watch a LOT of instructional videos and yours are the best! You provide just enough background/theory so I understand what's going on but you quickly jump into the "How-to" without loosing us. Please keep up the great work and know that you are helping 1000s of us to become better metal-workers every day.

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