Sheet Metal Fabrication – Here's a Good Tip for Tack Welding

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Sheet metal fabrication trick for tack welding using a tig welder. This works. Tack welding with a tig machine does not have to be slow.
By setting the tig welding machine up a certain way, you can tack like a laser welder….so this is like a down and dirty laser welder. Get done quicker, be more competitive, get to welding.


1-Shot slinger says:

I never get this without some filler rod.

1-Shot slinger says:

Thought it was MIG [which I burn a hole with every time .

Jeff Lehr says:

Thanks again for the informative video Jody. I have watched and learned from many of your videos but this video on speed tacking has really changed the game for me when tacking up 19 and 20 gauge sheet metal. Thanks again brother and keep up the great work!

I’m not a health and safety person says:

I have been welding for the last 35 years everyday. And worn gloves about 3 times I hate gloves though sometimes I can smell my hands burning and think I should use glove but I get a better quality weld without lol

blechnik says:

thanks a lot for that viedeo! it helped a lot to learn how to tack weld!!

Rattlecan Guitar Restorations says:

I'm in class right not and that trick just saved my butt. Thanks!

schmatzek1 says:

Do you Tack without postflow? Gas only in The Second you Tack?

tunç küyel says:

Hello thanks for usefull videos. I have a problem with tacking. I use a inverter DC machine no pedal.. and its a stick weld machine. Can you please upload a video for oldschool DC inverter machine tig tacking.

Jimmy Dunn says:

Who's watching in 2018? I love this channel!

Steve Mackelprang says:

Time machine this is… 🙂

Mindaugas Berteska says:

hi Jody my I ask what you opinion on these machines?

Jon Ryan says:

Hey Jody have you used the tack weld feature on the everlast welders before?

Travis Chenoweth says:

Thanks for the video. I'm a TIG novice, and I had a quick question. It appeared that you rested the tungsten on the steel surface. I was told by a welding teacher not to do that. Are there certain instances when it's okay? Love your channel.

Steve Friedlander says:

Separate question: I'm using an Everlast 200DV TIG. Setup is DCEN 100 amps, gas lens, #7 cup 2% Lanthanated. I'm running beads (6") after 4 beads the TIG GUN (25) is extremely hot. I wait about 30 seconds

Photostrated says:

Thanks Jody after watching this video it made things allot easier! I also got my MagTab's in today and will be trying them out this weekend!!!!

twwtb says:

Dude! You should be wearing gloves.

gdglock says:

I can't believe I did not even think to set the amperage control on my synchro wave 350 to local to get those hot Tig tacks!! Thanks for your tips. Gonna try it on the old reliable 250HF as well

OFF ROAD says:

shit dont need no stinking gloves. some times I forget to put them on in a hurry. my arms and hands take a beating. it comes with the job thanks for making videos.

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