Sheet Metal Fabrication -MB Bead Roller, Covell Round Over Dies, & MB Dimple Dies –

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Mittler Bead Rollers:

Bead Rollers are designed to create various bead profiles in sheet metal for decorative purposes, strengthening or shaping and HVAC work. We offer electric bead rollers in industrial power (16 gauge mild steel capacity) or standard power (19 gauge steel or less) as well as manual or hand crank bead rollers.

Covell Round-Over Dies:

Developed by legendary metal shaper Ron Covell, Covell Rounding-Over Dies are great for turning a radiused edge on sheet metal panels. The integrated back-stop on the lower roll makes it easy to accomplish a smooth, consistent profile perfect for tanks, fenders or simply finishing a panel edge.

Mittler Bros Dimple Dies:

Designed with a 45-degree flare, these Mittler Brothers dimple dies are used to improve the strength and appearance of a panel and will flange (or flare) an existing hole in sheet metal up to .125 inch thick 4130 chrome-moly. These dies are made from case hardened tool steel and work great in a press or ironworker.


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