Sheet metal folding machine MB-2150, metal folder, manual bending machine, folding machine.

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Sheet metal folding machine MB-2150 is used to bend metal sheets up to 2150 mm length and 1mm maximum thickness. You can make roofing, ventilation, drainage system elements, windows parts etc. with our sheet metal folding machines.

The main difference of our sheet metal folding machine from other brand’s machines is replaceable upper bending bar, so you can change one with standard shape to another one segmented and to use folding machine as segmented bending machine. Or using corrugated shape bar to make corrugated sheet walls and roofing panels. So it allows to wide machine functionality, help to save you money from buying another machines and save your working places.

Also we make manual elbow machines, electric elbow machines, roofing seam machines, manual shears, sheet metal cut to length machines (slitting machines), segmented metal folders, lock forming machines, lock closing machines, metal decoiler, swaging machines, beading machines, pipe bending machines, rolling machines.

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I am almirah maker. I need such machines( varieties capacity) . How can I contact you. Thank you sir.

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Hallo Call 9811116386


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