Sheet Metal Hand Tools

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Noe Ramirez says:

Awesome instructor when I went through the program.

Esther Jackson says:

What is the latch on the side of the Wiss hand seamer supposed to do? Mine does nothing. My subconscious tool thoughts don't want me to move forward until I find an answer. Your approach to education on this subject is excellent. Thanks for being so concise and straight forward.

james kohnowich says:

I call the red lefts & green rights.those are snips the longer straights are shears.Why no mention of pipe shears? For cutting around ducts or round pipes. Son of a lifetime sheet metal man.

Jeeva Anandam says:

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Andrew Butler says:

This instructor is the best I’ve seen, I bet he turns out great tradesmen.


alguien podria decirme cual es el nombre de la herramienta que aparece en el minuto 06:25 ?
Buen Dia.

Leo Scarpino says:

what a great video, simple, well explained, thanks so much for sharing it, gratitude 🙏

Jagdish Jain says:

Gentlemen good evening, Myself Jagadish Jain from Chandigarh-(India.) I require mild steel Sheet to mild steel sheet heavy duty Crimping n notching (compact) tool or sepratly individual crimping n notching tool. Do u suggest me accurate hand ✋ tool for the job alongwith price in Indian currency ? Thanks and regards- Jagdish Jain.

Robberbobbert says:


H Wal. says:

Fantastic teacher! Very much enjoyed the video.

Kenneth Roaten says:

Excellent video! Really informative and explained where anyone could Comprehend the information. Camera person did a good job too! only wish that I had found this video sooner!

Dan Lewis says:

Excellent info and demonstration.

305dade8a says:

Licked and subscibed

John Edwards says:

Do you ever use cable tie tension tool?

John Edwards says:

How often do you use V notcher?

geoffrey tinone says:

Your not using the left and right correct

Mike Ed says:

Hahaha thatocking tool do t work 🤣

Edel Awnings says:

cool man you good explaining

Fable Grey says:

Info I really needed, thanks man!!

Tony Wadkins says:

Technically according to Malco you have the snips upside down. Three blades up, two down, and the lock is operated with your thumb for a right handed person. You can tell the difference in the crimps when done both ways but it's negligible and I'm not sure it really matters.

donnie brown says:

When I first got into the trade my boss gave me a list of starter tools to buy. Tinners hammer, red and green snips, tape measure, 1/4 in flat screw driver, awl, compass, tool pouch, electrical tape. I looked at him and asked why the electrical tape? He said because I wouldn't have room for all the Band-Aids.


Excellent explanation!Even though my interests are not duct work related(more related to sheet metal studs)still sheet metal related.You Sir,are an excellent example of a vocational teacher.I hope your students "nailed it!",if not,you did what you could!

manko 88 says:

Thanks, great video

Brandon Trinidad says:

Thank you for sharing the knowledge so us young ones can learn. I appreciate it. I really do.

calical26 says:

im a installer long cuts i use powered nibblers

Mushroom Castle says:

@4:45 what a idiot. . the 2 prongs go on the inside, 3 prongs outside. . To shape the circle. . What a moron. . Teaching a bunch of other morons

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