Sheet metal machines part 2

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In this video i am using a guillotine and a folding bench
to make a rectangular tub from stainless steel 1mm 1200*500 50 deep


john smith says:

Good videos. You may want to consider adding the spot welder to your arsenal in the future. It seems to me a better solution than learning TIG welding, it beats the rivets, too, and doesn't cost arm and leg. Samo moje mišljenje:)

k... says:

Würde mich freuen wenn du wieder deutsch redest, ich verstehe wenig englisch 🤣

Paul says:

Job well done.

Arshad Khan says:

I m sheet metal worker😎

EN Himachal says:

can you list out name of machine with price.i want to buy

JersZone TV says:

Very nice tutorial, keep it up master..

Gary C says:

Most Sheet-metalworkers i've known during my 35 years and counting career do perfectly Tig weld stainless steel, one week could be making stainless catering equipment,next week brazing galvanised ductwork fittings together on site,next week welding aluminium cladding on insulation projects, sheet-metal workers are not just the guys who exclusively work on insulation jobs,they're generally referred to as Laggers

Neven Rakic says:

Todore , je li istina da udariš zikne na ušima prasetu, pre nego što ga staviš na ražanj? 🤣🤣🤣 Legendo pozdrav, super ti je svaki video👍👌👍

Johann Jakob says:

Ich empfehle dir die ATG Maxicut Ultra Handschuhe. Top Video!

Shamrath Hossain says:

sir tiwn segment bend how to make

김기섭 says:

I'm Korean
Your videos help me a lot
Thank you!

DazednConfuzedSean says:

Looks good! This helps inspire me to be a better sheet metal worker for insulation. I'm glad we don't use stainless that thick 😃

stelios man says:

nice tools ..nice job colleague

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