Sheet metal machines

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Introducing the workshop with sheet metal machines and some examples


Chandrakant Shitole says:

How to order

Chandrakant Shitole says:

contact number?

José Tonon says:

Excelente vídeo, muito didático. Obrigado por compartilhar seus conhecimentos.

PanamaSticks says:

Very nice work. You're very skilled. I'm afraid I had a bit of problem with the audio. Had my volume turned up all the way, and could not hear well. What is the brand of swaging machine? The circle cutter is very neat too. Who makes that? Finally, was wondering why you used a pop rivet on the end cap, instead of a spot weld…

Schnellemeyer says:

Great video! Thank you. It will come in handy as I just bought an old manual saging machine

Francisco Martinez says:

Me gusta esa máquina saludos desde unión de San Antonio Jalisco México ay si ya no quieres la máquina me la mandas para acá me gusta esa máquina

Ayman Wahbah says:

Could you please tell me the brand and model of this bead machine?

Anderson matarelle de abreu says:


Redwane Redwane says:

ماهو ارتفاع هاد الماكنة من فظلك

jeanne griffin says:

Good overview of the tools and what they can do!! Thanks for the vid!

Chris Moody says:

👍. 40 year fabricator myself.

christian Vandersanden says:

hello, very interresting. I need to do the same with rounds with edges of 10 mm . material : Stainless steel AISI310S – thickness 1 mm . do you think it will work ? thank you for your answer 😉

Александр Белоусов says:

Respect from Russia👋

Ozor Buertey Julius says:

Am in ghana.i want to buy one of this swagging machine with all the much will it cost me…

Rod Bennett says:

Excellent video! I learned heaps, thank you.

Carlos Linarez says:

Definitely I appreciate it for teaching us those tools really looks nice

Soumen Bala says:

Bey this masien

Afzal Afzal says:


Roderick Barry says:

A really good video. Lots of helpful information. Thank you.

Peter Davila says:

Wow. This is one of the best beginner's instructional videos out there. Thank you.

Peace? says:

i really enjoyed this, thanks

Steve Larsen says:

Thank you. Great video.

Leo's Bag of Tricks says:

That machine looks very well made and must be expensive!?

QI Varebil2 says:

Very impressive work! Nice video work!

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