Sheet metal panel fabrication 1940 Ford

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We’re going to teach Aidyn the full process of fabricating the sheet metal panel that connects the B pillar to the wheel well 🚨

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Richard Russell says:

Great teaching… good stuff 🙂

Fon Hollohan says:

Well, Chad, I hope you understand that your not just teaching Aidyan alone, your teaching the next generation not just about building Hot Rod's but about welding and fabrication and autobody skills. That's one of the greatest things we can do is to pass on what we've learned from others. Its paying back what was invested into our lives, not everyone gets to have that opportunity. Just goes to show that your hard work has opened a door for you to bless a lot of folks. So when others try to mock you and belittle you, remember your impacting a lot of people in positive ways that will help many get out of poverty and find a career that will bless there lives. I don't think you realize what kind of impact you and Jolene are making but you surely are making a huge impact so keep up the hard work. Sorry to be so wordy.

dlredneck 51 says:

nice to see you showing/giving the younger generation your knowledge

trent carter says:

This is fantastic, hands on learning is the best way to learn. Teaching someone is so satisfying,

Elijah Long says:

Very kool dudes

Brian Lawrence says:

The protege, Aiden. You will be a key man for Chad one day. Best wishes.

Paul Jochims says:

Chad and Jolene are Cooler Than Dang It!

Lawrence Higgins says:

Now this what I love about Chad he's always trying to teach young adults the trade. This is Such a blessing to watch all his videos. My son graduates highschool in June and he learning this trade as well. So keep doing what you and yr girl do man it's amazing. God bless brother.
From Maine

Matthew Focke says:

Wonderful craftsmanship!

KBtube says:

why is there no date on many YT videos nowadays?

Norman J Kew says:

Hey Joleen. Shout out to let you know your excellent videography is appreciated. Always smooth transitions and sharp focus. You’re a very important member of the team.

Mark Kraus says:

Make a work bench on wheels to go from car to car,your back will appreciate it !!

Shawn Kane says:

Good to see Aiden back today!

Tim Stewart says:

Aidyn going to be great.

South Carolina says:

Nice looking panels fellas

Ray Wall says:

Where can you buy Krown penetrating oil?

Larry Halloway says:

SS Salesman Special. Im actually watching trunk rain gutter as i text. Always impressed my friend and keep up the good work.

Corey says:

Really coming together now looks good 👍

Gaston Robichaud says:

Good job and good teaching

jeff pontius says:

It’s like sheet metal work on an airplane

Rick Darr says:

Memories being made.. dig in Chad's head and learn all you can… he is a great teacher and will teach you what you ask…. great opportunity 👍

Barry Lewis says:

Has he fixed his Mercedes’ ?

Pär Heidenborn says:


Bloodsweat N gears .England says:

Good for you Chad , Told him well

Gdbd says:

your a great teacher

Thomas Coyne says:

Very nice work,chad turn out to be a nice teacher 🍎👍👍👍👍👍 🇬🇧UK

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