Sheet Metal Plenum Fabrication

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Do not try this at home! HVAC training is required!


Tom Van says:

Thank you for the video. I am finally going to make the investment into a brake.

HVAC GUY says:

Awesome dude good stuff. How’d you no the length to make it though.

Sweater Vest Fest says:

Probably could have just flanged all 4 sides of that plug cap in the brake, or for sure 3 sides

u2ooberboober says:

That’ll work

Timothy Gilles says:

Wow that is horrible..

Quang Nguyen says:

Simple but effective. Thank you very much

Indy Q says:

Do not try this at home? = Hold my beer.
Thanks for this video.
Next I need to figure out what an S bend is and how to make them or buy them.

Dan Deen says:

Nice brake where can I find one like that?

Doji-Reacts says:

I've seen some insulation made of fiber glass on one side stuck to the plenum and black on the other side.. what is that called?

Tractorman44 says:

Back in the 70's I had to do a lot of field fabrication with hand tools. Later I began hauling the lockformer and 4' box and pan brake bolted to the bed of a trailer to ease installation. Retired now, I only do metal to help out old folks in need and family. Here's a plenum for my son's new heat pump if you'd like to see a variation on plenums: This is only part 3 of multiple parts.

Paul Merritt says:

What brand of brake do you have there??

Eric Brown says:

Cool brake, why not use it on block end?

HVAC1 says:

I like your setup 👍

Shelley Svoboda says:

Your one step above using two by four studs. This is why when you get a bid and they are so much cheaper then the experienced contractor. Why do people post these videos? Do you think you are really doing a quality job? The sheet metal trade is in triable if this is what is thought of as a quality job.

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